Bundesliga Thread


It’s primarily because they go against the basic idea of fan ownership in Germany (50+1) which is deeply rooted in German football. The idea is that the majority ownership stays with the club and so with the fans and the community and can’t be bought by rich individuals or corporations. RB Leipzig have been restricting any kind of outside influence to their best of their abilities though.

They did also not even exist 10 years ago, so they lack the history aspect too. Red Bull Salzburg being a thing too and both club’s crest looking very similar there’s just this huge connection to the energy drink more than it is to the actual club, which doesn’t go well with older fans or people who are being brought up supporting clubs with deeper connection to their community.


I see, I just don’t feel the same way as I have no relationship to German football.

Credit due where credit is due though, RB Leipzig may have been started in 2009 but they’ve been promoted 5 times since then to get to the Bundesliga and have now done extremely well all built on the premise of sound management and excellent youth players. In fact, dare I say it, we could probably learn something from them when it comes to that.

I’d also like to say it’s not like they bought out some old, prestigious, historical club and then transformed it. Did anyone know who SSV Markranstadt was before 2009?

It’s not like Notts County or Fulham or whatever getting bought and being called DFS Nottingham FC or Tesco Hammersmith FC.

I feel where you’re coming from though, it is annoying to see the commercialisation of football to that extent.

How do they contravene 50+1? And why is it being allowed?


SSV Markranstadt still exists. They didn’t buy a club and then change everything. They just bought the playing rights from them to play in the fifth tier of German football.


Ahh so they literally just started their own club.


Long live Bayern Munich whlist that club is the epitome of commercialization of football. Allianz Arena, Audi and Adidas are actually stockholders. Seems hypocritical.


Tbf they were outspending everyone else by a landslide all the way up to the Bundesliga. Even prior to their promotion from the second highest tier to the Bundesliga 2/3 of the transfer money was spent by Leipzig alone (16m out of 26m) while having a lower mid table Bundesliga budget to work with. Anything but promotion wasn’t really acceptable.

There is certainly something to be learned in regards to youth development, but keep in mind that this whole Red Bull structure is set up in a way that it gives them a huge advantage over other clubs due to having their own farm teams for those players to develop.


Not really. You’re talking about Bayern Munich AG, of which Bayern ev is a 75% fan-owned majority shareholder, so actually in compliance with 50+1


So because they are in compliance with that ‘rule’ they are not an highly commercialized club? Bayern resembles ‘modern’ football like no other club.


Henrichs signs until 2022.


There goes my stake in the “first youngster who reaches world class” contest. :neutral_face:


Guess Cocktor is wearing his MG shirt praying for Wolfsburg not to go down @CunningLinguist :giroud:


Hamburger SV are the only German club to have played every season in the Bundesliga since it’s 1963 inception.

That changes today because MGG will save Wolfsburg.


If they go down (which they won’t, cause MGG will save them), MGG will certainly land on his feet. Maybe he’ll join United and show them what a real #9 looks like. :grinning:



Check the last 3 seasons before this one. Someone following the league as closely as you do should know :slight_smile:


Actually…they’re only playing to not get drawn into the relegation play-off, no?


@PPB Yup. Hamburg always win the play-off. :slight_smile:


GOAT just inches wide. :expressionless:


Are you nervous? :mustafi:


Lol, no. I just want GOAT to score. :sunglasses:


Dortmund losing at home. They are gonna finish fourth, aren’t they? At least @Persona will have someone to support in august :wink: