Bundesliga Thread


@Persona, do you support Neverkusen now
? :hipster:


Dortmund and Leipzig drawing at HT.


Gnabry can’t make the starting eleven for Werder. :thinking:


Wenger knew :hipster:


Leipzig and Dortmund 0-0 FT. Bayern can win the league later.


1-0 Alaba.

3-0 at HT.


Hey guys, shocking news from Germany. FC Bayern are champions. :open_mouth:


4-0 the bald dutch.
5-0 Muller. Bayern cruising to the title.
Poor Wolfsburg, 6-0 Kimmich.
Bayern don’t even celebrate :bellerin:


They must be so bored


Hamburg shooting themselves in the foot again :slight_smile:


Djourou not allowed to train with Hamburgs first team anymore, together with a couple of other players.


they that poor? lol


Cologne beat Werder 4-3 :poldi:


HE scored in the defeat though…:giroud:


@Persona Did you read Watzke’s comments regarding Tuchel? Apparently the rumours are true and there are rifts between management and coach. Dortmund fans think he’ll leave in the summer.


Herzlich Willkommen, Thomas! :open_mouth:

Na I didn’t hear about that. Been pretty much out of the BVB loop since Monaco. That’s interesting. Reading r/BorussiaDortmund they aren’t happy with the timing of the interview.


Nicely gifted goal.




Clash for the Champions League :wenger:


Aubameyang just misses a penalty.
Bayern leading thanks to Bernat.