Bundesliga Thread




The opponents still don’t understand how Robben plays.


Tell Dembele to learn to pass the damn ball.


Auba immediately close to the 2-2.


Dembele, Aubameyang, Robben… Is it selfish prick day? :smirk:


Cheers, Robben. Can switch off now. :+1:


Always like this! 3-1 Robben!


You are a poor’s man Arsenal.


Probably. That’s why they pay only a fraction of the fees fans have to pay at the Emirates.


Poor man’s Arsenal that plays much superior football and goes further in the CL. :hipster:


C’mon Cokctor! You know i like to joke about Dortmund. But now i prefer Hoffenheim :wink:



i think everyone the world over knows exactly how Robben plays tbh. What makes him so great is that he dicks teams despite this.


Penalty to Bayern. 4-1 Lewa.


Of course no red card against Dortmund. They can do whatever the fuck they want, league’s pet.


Great cross by Passlack. He’s one to watch out for - when you’re a ball boy who doesn’t want to get hit by a stray ball.:grinning:


4-1 FT for Bayern. Two class above Dortmund today.


Marco returns… :raised_hands:


Passlack? :mustafi:


Rested for the run of games coming up, no doubt.
Monaco, Moenchengladbach, Bayern, Koeln. :+1: