Bundesliga Thread


Better than all our midfielders bar Wilshere :hipster:


That 93rd min winner for Leipzig with 10 men just bagged me 40 quid whoop whoop


Cokctor is ready with his BVB scarf and shirt.


Hummels dropped.


1-0 Ribèry. Tuchel :hipster:
Dembele smh…


2-0 down in 10 minutes.

What a crock of shit. :expressionless:


2-0 Lewa.


Get the 3rd so I can switch it off. :xhaka:


Dortmund choking on Bayern’s big bratwurst


I see Passlack is playing. No wonder they are 2-0 down after 9 min. Jesus, should be 4 to 5 nil already. :open_mouth:


Robben’s had 2 decent sighters cutting in from his wing. How many more will BVB give him? :joy:

Tuchel giving him a therapist session from the sidelines apparently. :wink:



Who set that up?! :henry2: (via the head & foot of the opposition)



Vidal fecked it up and Guerreiro smashed it into the net!


Cocktor, start supporting Bayern. Just now!!!


Booo Lewandowski booo.


Vidal is so drunk again, he thinks he’s playing for Dortmund.:grinning:


Don’t care about the header or Vidal’s complete balls up. I’m taking that as a positive for Felix. :hipster:


Smashed a Ferrari when he was in Italy :wink:


Where is Thiago’s yellow for shouting at the official?. :bellerin:

What the hell, Felix? :joy:


When all parties finally realize Passlack and football isn’t exactly a match made in heaven, he can still have a career as a flyweight wrestler.:wink: