Bundesliga Thread



Our next signing :wink:



Keep the faith. We have Wenger :hipster:


“We almost signed Goretzka” :santi2:


Penalty to Hoffenheim. 1-1 Kramaric. Totally undeserved.


Another chance for Hamburg. Should be 2 goals up in this first half.
1-1 HT. Hamburg look very good today.


3-0 Schalke.


Just in time for another MGG wonder hat-trick. Mario Gomez, cha cha.



He can score in the 2. Bundesliga next season :wink:


2-1 Hamburg. Hoffenheim have been poor for the whole game.



Gomez pulls one back for Schalke thanks to a penalty.
Hoffenheim hit the post!
Leipzig win it right at the end, while Hoffenheim lose. Tough lesson for them after beating Bayern.


Getting the 0-1 in the 93rd minute while the opponent is down to ten men sounds like a Leverkusen thing to do? Well, because it is. :joy:


Jaaa, fuck you Leipzig!


Da fuck @CunningLinguist you made it sound like Leverkusen won it?!


No, I didn’t. Your reading comprehension is just messed up by countless Dr Who reruns. :grinning:


Yeah. Honestly, the first 4 series of that is embarrassing viewing now. :neutral_face:


You know who starts vs Bayern! :cech:




Dat pass from Modeste… :hipster: