Bundesliga Thread



Hoffenheim 1-0 Bayern FT.


Hamburg defence stepping forward like Auba isnt one of the fastest strikers around. Poor.


Leipzig win as well.


Bayern have option to buy him for €20m but he’s played 600 minutes this season, maybe he decides he wants to go somewhere he’ll play more.


Bayern seem good at getting first dibs on young players


Wanted out of Juve for more playing time and hasn’t played much this season so I think he definitely moves on.

PSG, Juve and Bayern by the age of 20. Quite the CV.


Don’t forget, this is his second year hat Bayern. All in all, he’s played well over 2000 minutes last season. This season, he’s already had two longer injuries that have kept him sidelined for 3 months. Thus, he’s played only 700 minutes so far, but I’m sure there’ll be more. Ancelotti has also stated publicly (I think it was a press conference) that both Coman and Kimmich will not be sold and play for Bayern next season.
Doesn’t sound like departure at all.


I don’t follow the Bundesliga too much so if that’s the case then I think staying at Bayern seems reasonable. I know the clause attached to his transfer isn’t high too. Something like €20-25m.


If the Brandt thing is true, then I could see either him or Costa being moved. We should go after whoever is sold.


Bartra met with the lonely Dortmund fan

and as a present got gifted a Schalke top by her husband



Coman to Arsenal?


This is a good article on Hoffenheim and Nagelsmann. Guy seems a potentially world class manager


Wouldn’t mind as our new manager in the future.


Please @Persona, support Bayern today so they are gonna lose against your beloved Dortmund :giroud:


Watching Hoffenheim now. Let’s see the little wizard in action again.




@CunningLinguist, he posted this thing and Schalke scored! Ahahahahah!




:wink: :poldi:


Hoffenheim are struggling a bit atm, as Hamburg are pressing them well.
Big chance for Hamburg. Hoffenhein need to wake the fuck up.
Lucky for Hoffenheim it was foul or they would have been in troubles.
First chance of the game for Hoffenheim. A random one, tbf.
2-0 Schalke. Goretzkaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Great free kick. It was coming. 1-0 to Hamburg.