Bundesliga Thread


He supports Felix F.C., not Dortmund :xhaka:



Kramaric so fucking close. Bayern are a bit all over the place at the back!
Christ! How many chances do Hoffenheim need to score?


Neuer has lost his place to Ulreich and will spend the rest of his career on the bench.


Why weren’t Bayern so open against us?




Good chance for Vidal. Very end-to-end game.


Because Ancelotti has brains and uses tactics…he knows you dont play open against an attacking side even if it is us and cant score in a brothel.


But now Bayern are very open against Hoffenheim :mustafi:


Normal free kick, tbf.


TORRRRRR! Finally! Kramaric! Stunning volley!


Booooom. Sven is Neuer back? :sunglasses:


Amiri looks good.
Hoffenheim will get tired in the second half. They can’t keep it up.



You were so right about Germans. Cocky & arrogant douches. Hope BVB get relegated now. :bellerin:

„Seit 50 Jahren hat die englische Nationalmannschaft keinen Titel mehr gewonnen und ich bin mir sicher, dass wir auch noch den 75. Jahrestag feiern werden. Denn das ganze Geld geht auch zu Lasten der Kreativität“, ist Watzke überzeugt.

"For 50 years, the English national team has not won a title and I am sure we will celebrate the 75th anniversary. Because all the money is also at the expense of creativity, "Watzke is convinced.


Be so kind as to provide some context. Why would the boss of a top German club lower himself to speaking about that “team” in the first place? :sunglasses:


You can answer him you still have two wars in your bag :wink: :mustafi:


“Top German club”, there is only one top club in Bayermany. (Bayermany…Genius)


Bayern with still no shot on target.
Now they have one with Koman. Too low and weak though.


Jesus, that move truly deserved a goal. :neutral_face:


Ulreich is winning his place in the team today. Another fine save, but another beautiful move by Hoffenheim as well. Looked like the Barca of old here.