Bundesliga Thread


Seal of approval from Herr Bundesliga. :wink:

(@CunningLinguist probably won’t like the last sentence. :smirk:)


Is there actually a serious chance we could sign this guy? @Persona


Have we ever even been linked to him? Plus we have too many (mediocre though they may be) players in centre mid as it is.


I see people on here taking about him to arsenal lol so I’d imagine so? Hah.



MGG does it again!

AHAHAHA, and another!

@Persona Hattrick in 6 minutes.


GOAT. :heart_eyes: 7minute hat-trick against the great Bayer Leverkusen.


3-3. :joy: He got them a point. Absolute hero!


Neverkusen are just Neverkusen. Unbelievable what they did today!



Andries Jonker + MGG = GOALS GALORE.





gay alert :giroud:


Marc Bartra is my new favourite person. :clap:


Hoffenheim-Bayern today should be quite a good game today :giroud:. @Persona @CunningLinguist


Dortmund vs Hamburger SV. :hipster:


There are some really stupid badges in the Bundesliga.

Hamburger MS paint looking diamonds, Hertha’s one look drawn by a talentless 5 year old, Freiburg retard chicken, Hoffenheim’s one look like nobody cared, so is actually quite fitting with the team.
And Koln badge is the city getting fucked by a goat.


I don’t watch middle table teams :mustafi:


Just one. :wink:


Killed it :santi:


Felix dropped at RWB for Emre Mor. Career over, mate.


Already a big chance to Hoffenheim. Ulreich saves.


He was already doomed when you started supporting him.