Bundesliga Thread


I know Luca, he’s just not the same man you fell in likes with. :frowning:


Another hattrick for Lewandowski.
6-0 Muller now. He is back.


Thank God TT changed his mind. :gunnersaurus:


:joy::joy::joy: Brilliant


How are these wasters getting a point (or more) from this game? :neutral_face:


This has restraining order written all over it. Issued by circuit court judge Jake Y. Boy.


Cheap mans Ramsey. Same number too.



You just made me realize Leno is an anagram of Leon, or the other way round. Coincidence? I think not. These four letters spell absolute class.



Gelsenkirchen will win this. :neutral_face:

Poor there from Bernd Goretzka. :smirk:


For sure. Your defence are all over the place.


Robbed. :neutral_face:


Fucking cheaters! Can’t support them anymore.


At least Dortmund are fourth now :poldi:


Yeah, they are an incredibly dirty team. Nazis, too. :pensive:


Darmstadt down to 10, getting smashed 4-0 by RasenBullsport.
(that was on purpose)


Relegated for sure along with Ingolstadt.


And that Tuchel is no better than Wenger. Look a bit confused at times.


Leon Goretzka, all jokes aside looks a decent player tbf. :+1:


Shameful like-fishing. But it works.