Bundesliga Thread


Somehow the quality of Lewandowski’s slightly exceeds those of Auba.:joy:


Too selfless there Auba, ya fool. :facepalm:

No clue. Is it Deadpool? I don’t watch that kind of thing.


Thiago! 4-0!



Looks like Lüdenscheidt Nord will be lucking themselves to three points. Goretzka, disgusted with Schalker mediocrity will move to an ambitious top club in North London.


So he’s moving to Tottenham then?


Imagine Leno & Goretzka at Middlesex. CL would be so conflicted. :arteta:


You are becoming so boring. Get a grip or at least eat some angus :xhaka: :mustafi:


Do you have no sense of humour lol. Lighten up! :wink:


These Calum-GFI lovers quarrels are so cute.


Passlack subbed off for Guerreiro. Tuchel wants to win now. :grinning:


Tuchel actually gets paid for these decisions. :facepalm:

(I actually bloody love Guerreiro)


I don’t recognize anymore. He hates Wenger more than he loves Arsenal :mustafi:


Don’t you rate Cocktor’s boyfriend? :xhaka:


Lol I’m just having a laugh and he’s getting all serious :joy:

Stick to the goal updates luca :wink:


Ok, William Wallace :wink:




OH FUCK OFF. Dortmund are the Totnum of the Ruhr. :facepalm:

And with Ginter on, BVB are down to 10 men.


Nice goal, but the keeper should have done better.


Look at that control, composure and back-heel goodness. :heart_eyes: