Bundesliga Thread


Skybet have a free HD stream for Dortmund Schalke if you have an account! YES! :grinning:



Think it only works on mobile


Goretzka - Toni Weigl battle. :sunglasses:

“Well, despite getting forward a lot, he’s been the weakest link. That’s twice he’s gone forward only to put the ball out” < Fuck you!


Lewa does it again. 1-0 to Bayern.


Should have been a yellow for that Hitleryouth looking Dortmund cnut! :rage:


Chance for Dortmund.
Tuchel doing some weird gestures on the bench :bellerin:


This. First of all, BL release clauses take the limited means of domestic buyers into account. Secondly, clubs have not yet warmed to the fact that - after decades of drought - their youth systems now produce talents of international caliber. The Sane transfer was the first indication of that. I expect BL players prices to go up significantly, but as it stands, you can still get great value.


Passlack is a sneaky cunt.
Would have been a great goal by Dembele this one.
2-0 Bayern with Muller.


I hear Thiago is putting in some sexy performances in lately.


You mean he’s basically the best midfielder in the world this season? Yes. :wink:


So basically, the strategy is: if a player hits it big, make sure he’s a massive bargain buy for Bayern. :hugging:


“Ve muss keep ze Germans in ze Bundesliga, away from ze hands of ze Englisch kidnappers” - Karl Heinz Rummenigge.

(Not really what he said tbf, I’m just paraphrasing)


Schalke-Borussia Dortmund is very boring. Borussia are too slow.


Nazi man :mustafi:


Christ Cocktor! You do play really shit. Make a phone call to Shittel.


This is a letdown. I miss Marco Reus. :neutral_face:


I see. Well fair play.




Spider man is back!!! 1-0 to Dortmund!
Brace for Lewa. 3-0 Bayern.


Herne-West (learnt that one today ;)) have to come out and attack now.

Was it Spiderman? I had no idea what it was. :neutral_face:


Or was it his enemy?