Bundesliga Thread


Who was the guy who got fooled on the right? Was he Durm? :bellerin:
What? How did Ingolstadt not score here? :cech::mustafi:


The quality of finishing in this game is brilliant. :gunnersaurus:


Guerreiro. I could score that as well :arteta:.
1-0 Dortmund HT. Good fuck up game.


Yeah, taking a leak on your shit language, which, as we all know, is a Germanic language soiled by French taint. Because you got CONQUERED BY THE FRENCH! :arteta::facepalm:
I’m glad we’ve talked about this, now. I feel much better already.


French :heart:> German :thumbsdown: tbh. :hipster:

Great start… :arteta:


As if you could tell the difference! :grinning:


I need a gif or video of this!


@Luca_from_Italy You liked this post without reading it didn’t you? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL!!! Dortmund’s defence is so fucking comical. Mbappe is gonna enjoy himself!


No, i read it and i watched the action :arteta:


But France :hipster:


Good decision, imo. Ingolstadt player looked for a penalty.
Sokratis close now.


Frenchies "We will make ze best defences to stop ze Boche"
Germans “Lets just go through ze Ardennes”



Do you think Dortmund’s defence is like the Maginot Line today? :arteta: :mustafi:
Very poor display by Dortmund overall. Look all over the place at the back and disinterested.


“Have you ever known it so quiet here, Stewart?”

Still tonnes better atmosphere than at Emirates. :giroud:

Castro. :neutral_face:


Oh my… Doc got absolutely destroyed. Are we sure he isn’t still burning?


Neither of those useless fuckers will get that in.


EDIT: Ugh.


Tuchel :mustafi:


Hahahahahahahaha Matip. Strolls through the defence, row z on his wrong foot.


OMG! What a poor finishing by Ingolstadt! Not even on target.
Literally one of the worst game i have watched this season. Dortmund were literally garbage.


Jammy as hell 1-0 from BVB. Ingolstadt shooting for the moon all night. :neutral_face:


I hope r/soccer post a compilation of misses. :giroud: