Bundesliga Thread


Mitchell Weiser you dumb little fool. :joy:

I can’t believe I’ve just witnessed that. :arteta:


Transfer to La Liga imminent.


Have Dortmund won some away games this season? Tuchel being like Wenger here :hipster:


Dortmund would be much better off if they swapped that useless goal merchant with a true winner like MGG. Auba got his 22nd goal, but Mario won the game! :hipster:


Weiser. :facepalm:



What a cheat.


Reminds my of a film I watched recently. It was called “Ladies of Liberty”. :grinning:






We should get that goal merchant :hipster:


Watching that live is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen on a pitch. I couldn’t contain my laughter. Ridiculous idea. :joy:

Glad to see he gets his due praise in Germany. :clap:


Have you been watching too much porn lately? o_O


I guess I won’t be believed (due to the weird phrasing). But I didn’t see it when typing that. :no_mouth:


Hamburgggg 1-1 Moenchengladbach.

Both goals from headers.

Hamburg 2-1!! :joy:

Good composure to slot that away.

“Moenchengladbach have not created a chance in the 2nd half.” :giroud:


That was awesome. Superb composure.


German Wigan (escapes) take the 3 points. FT Hamburg 2-1. :kosc:

“Only team to play in every Bundesliga season since it’s inaugural one”


What a boost that was to Hamburg survival hopes! 2-1 FT for them against Gladbach.


These comments from Kimmich…why hasn’t he played, by the way? I thought he was going to Bayern’s new German star.


He keeps Joshing around, ya dingus!


Missed the BVB game tonight thank god. Won 0-3 against Sportfreunde Lotte. Through to the SFs of the cup, gonna play FC Bayern.

Felix can’t even get a start against those lot. Ugh, I give up. :santi:

Isak got his debut though.