Bundesliga Thread


Unlucky Brandt.


Volland scores. 1-0 to Neverkusen.
1-0 Neverkusen at HT.
1-1. Typical Neverkusen.
Neverkusen miss a penalty right at the end :coq:. 1-1 FT.


How did Gnabry play?




I really don’t think that hashtag is a “thing”. And that lineup isn’t exactly eye candy either. Except for Guerreiro, everyone exciting is on the bench. :neutral_face:


Yeh, was thinking about putting this one on in the background and saw that lineup and was like, nah, not gonna bother.


It’s not a thing. Just a lighthearted ribbing of Mesut’s “ja Gunners ja” that GFI and I do.

Yup…Aren’t Berlin strong at home as well?


I know that, dear. I’m just really tired and unable to properly communicate. My last post also probably came across a wee bit hostile, which wasn’t my intention at all. Apologies.

Berlin have been basically in free fall in the rückrunde, but the points they recorded, came at home. So yes, much stronger at home.


There you go, Kalou>>>You.#hapersonaha :grinning:


My stream cut out just before the goal. :gunnersaurus:

ROMAN BUERKI ! Almost a brace for Kalou! :expressionless:

OMG AND AGAIN!!! GUERREIRO saves a Kalou shot from the line.


Good. Cokctor back at supporting Dortmund so they are gonna lose.


At least MGG scored. :wink:


AHAHAHAHAH! He is just a sentence for every team he supports!





Puts that in with ungraceful grace.


#GayforGomez #YesHomoForHim


Dortmund will probably have to turn to a 19 year old Frenchmen to save them. Again. Doesn’t get any more pathetic than that.


Always him! 1-0 Lewa.
2-0 Costa.


Kalou could’ve had the 2nd 3 times over. :expressionless:

Get the French teen on, please.