Bundesliga Thread


Dortmund :laughing: how is that even possible?

Would be too much, if they were to drop points after playing football like this. Just some ridiculous finishing letting them down right now.


Dortmund 0-1 up. Just turned it on. Obviously gonna lose now…


Of course, as you are watching them :wink:


Leipzig 2-0 up.


That was awesome by Dembele. :joy: Shame he scuffed it after.


Lewa again. Easy for Bayern today.
Little Darmstadt not giving up in their fight to avoid relegation. 1-0 against Ausburg.


Brilliant from Reus to assist PEA! 0-2


Lewa’s hattrick, Dortmund 2-0 up, Cologne pull one back and Ausburg equalize.
Alaba. 5-0.
7-0! Lol!


0-3… Another goal laid on a plate for PEA. This time by Erik Durm after being found by a nice pass from Dembele.


Ah, the annual HSV capitulation to Bayern. Now watch them put up a real fight against Dortmund in a couple of weeks :joy: Hopefully this is finally the year they go down.


3-1 Leipzig.


Fucking Leverkusen is losing at home to Mainz. Wonder if this is finally it for Schmidt.


8-0! Hamburg, just retire, please!


Darmstadt relegated now surely, shame

Hamburg please just go now :no_mouth:


Right, so in vintage PPB fashion basically you agree with me but have done it in a roundabout way that ensures that it seems like you are disagreeing. :wink: :iwobi:

No, but seriously, there’s the loan, which let’s be honest, was a massive fuck up that most of us saw at the time, and then we can enter into the slightly more speculative parts: at what other clubs do players just disappear for a year only for us to find out like 8 months later they have some strange chronic injury that should be relatively minor but for some reason lingers forever? And, while I know you will disagree with this in typical roundabout fashion, he’s gone to Bremen for what reason, obviously? Playing time. Would he have gone if he were promised that here? I really don’t think it’s such a big assumption to say no…his recent comments and those from his father suggest playing time was very much the issue. He was blocked by Iwobi, Alexis, and Oxlade-Chamberlain (maybe would’ve even seen Ramsey as a player blocking him too going into this season) here, and certainly more effort could’ve been made to rid ourselves of one of those players blocking him, and convince him he would find minutes here? (As he certainly should, given our current squad)

In short, we come back to my initial conclusion: we botched it as much as you can botch something like this.

That’s not even true, he was doing the business at 17 in the middle of a title race. That you couldn’t see it or don’t remember it is another issue. :wink:


can you provide any sort of evidence to back that up?

seems clear as day he is better now than he was then.


Aye, that’s your specialty.

So yea, because he could have obviously also signed a contract at Arsenal and then gone to Bremen on loan. Bremen these days is hardly in a situation where they would pass up such a chance if offered to them as you can see with Gnabry being their top goalscorer.

You with your argumentation though will look at 10 full games for Arsenal played 3 years ago, ignore that he looked unfit for quite a while after being injured, (rightfully) criticize the West Brom loan and then come to the conclusion that we should have renewed his contract years ago before his first convincing performances after a long time last summer.

As to how much the playing time argument really holds up we’ll see in the summer. Apparently he got a dirt cheap release clause (8m) in his contract, so if he’ll move on this year again to a club where he’s not guaranteed to play as much as he does now we can see how much playing time really played a part in this.


Hamburg have now lost 8-0, 8-0 and 9-2 away at Bayern encompassing their last seven visits, conceding 44 goals overall in those games [BBC]


Wenger could greatly improve those scorelines.


Thing was, Adler had a decent game :sunglasses:

You don’t usually read Hamburg match reports without a sentence beginning “A Djourou mistake…” and unfortunately he was at it again throughout