Bundesliga Thread


Totally agree. But why arent we in the frame to sign these players in the first place? Wenger’s pull is still huge but I get the impression we are too timid in the market.


It happened again, it happened again, Serge Gnabry, it happened again. :grinning:


I fucking love this guy



End of 2nd video… What’s that celebration about? “Come und sign me Bayern”?


Composure for that second goal was outrageous.


To think we loaned this guy out to West Brom :laughing:


5 million quid what a piece of business :eyes:


@AbouCuellar :+1:


Why are you invoking a spanish boy? :xhaka:


Stuttgart won the league in 2007 and got relegated in 2016. Wolfsburg won it in 2009 and run the risk of getting relegated 8 years later.


fantastic goal.

edit: @AbouCuellar my friend, credit where its due… :blush:


Do we have a buy out clause for him?


We fucked up so bad with this kid. :confused: Painful to see a kid come in to your academy, show what it takes to be good enough at the very highest level, and then fuck it all up when most of the hard work is already done.


We should ask Massimiliano to buy him back.


Maybe being injured for ages didn’t help and him refusing to sign a new contract also played its part. The West Brom loan was insanely stupid though.


in all fairness, he hasnt ever given these performances in an Arsenal shirt.


In fairness we’re also only seeing the highlights of his games. He was plenty good for us back before he got injured though, so there was clear that he had some talent, but from when he got injured to when he played at the Olympic games we didn’t really have that much evidence of how well he’s doing and after that he decided to go to Bremen, which in all honesty still is a weird move, especially so given that Wenger said shortly before Gnabry left that he wanted to keep him. We’ll see how this turns out but I think there may be more to this than Arsenal fucking everything up.


He’s going to shine more in a Bremen team that is obviously inferior to Arsenal, get more minutes, more or a run in the team etc etc. Maybe he just feels more comfortable back in Germany.

But us fans only get to see the rare glimpses of game time, you’d think our coaching staff would see enough capability across all the hours of training to mark him out as the next Bellerin-type success story, albeit in a harder position to claim on the field. It just took a brave decision to decide that he offers more than Ramsey and Chamberlain, and Wenger didn’t take that.

By the end we wanted to keep him right? so that says enough. I suspect he was monumentally pissed off at first being loaned to West Brom and second doing nothing there, so that made his mind up and quite right. Parked at Werder Bremen for 1 year, or 2 years, before Bayern come calling.


Neverkusen strike again! 0-2 down against Mainz after just 20 minutes :wilshere:
Bayer 2-0 up against Hamburg thanks to Vidal and Lewandowski.