Bundesliga Thread




I don’t think the little American knows how to use his head. :joy:


It had to be him. 1-1 Lewa.


Most pathetic timewasting I’ve seen in 25 years of watching football. Hertha had no less than 4 (!) guys at the same time (!!!) on the ground faking cramps. :arteta:


Someone should really tell Dembele all this gametime is bad for his development, or something.


1-0 Leipzig, Forsberg.


Diego Armando Stindl. :arteta:
Again, lol.


Today @Persona wasn’t supporting Leipzig :wink:


Goretzka is the shit, sooo good. Interesting to see if it’ll really be Juventus in the summer.


Just searched Goretzka Juve and apparently we were linked as well in the same article for BILD in which Juve were linked? Why do you feel Juve have the better chance/more likely than us?


Let’s be real, we’re stacked in MF and will not move on anyone to free space. Ox getting games there doesn’t help either, that’s now 7 CM’s.


Well, let’s be optimistic, Wenger has been defensive about whether he will be offered a new contract or not in press conferences. I don’t think Gazidis is so stupid to continue with him unless proven otherwise this summer.

If we have a new manager everything will change and unless he is a bad pick he will surely ship out at least one of our CMs and bring in an important CM signing, it’s the most blatantly obvious area of upgrade/reshaping in our team.


He’s a really smart kid. :wenger2:


Because they are Juventus and we’re Arsenal :wink:.

Not to be keep bashing our club, but Juventus does offer a much more attractive proposition than Arsenal.


Operating under the assumption that we have a competent manager, I think we’re actually an equal or more attractive proposition. Mainly for the fact that we play in the premier league (it certainly isn’t the best league, but its reputation amongst the players themselves is basically of that). As for other conditions we’re pretty much equal in size, stature, etc., the one thing Juve has on us is history, but to a non-Italian/non-latin player I’m not sure how much that matters.


And they also have overwhelming recent success over you and I hate to say that believe me.


History matters. The more important fact of the matter is they are winning. I think players care about winning regardless of it being in the Serie A or the Premier League. Whilst I do think a new manager could improve us, it’s not that probable we would be winning again.

I think Juventus is in that illuster line of five clubs or so everybody knows and would love to play for, partly because of that history. I wouldn’t put Arsenal in the same line, mainly because of the last 5 to 10 years.


I think for a modern day player Arsenal is at the level of Juve. Yeah, recently Juve is more successful, but recently we are more successful than United and they don’t have problems recruiting players. Anyways, these kinds of arguments are tiresome, but I think fans tend to over-estimate the complexity of footballers thought process in these kinds of decisions. In a battle for a signature between us and Juve, I think it would really depend on the player, and we could easily win it if we are offering the same economic conditions. I wouldn’t’ve even been surprised if Dybala chose us instead of Juve if we had offered the same fee.


Well yeah, because they throw money at those players (and come on, you’re going to refer to those cups? Very akb-ish). I think if we put the same economic conditions forward players would pick the club with the most recent success i.c. Juventus.

I feel like I really didn’t overcomplicate things rather than simplify it (maybe even too much): winners medal > no medal. They can throw very recent medals in players faces during negotiations.

I doubt that. Or the reports about Dybala wanting to stay in Italy, when he was at Palermo, must have been untrue.


I was referring to league position, which is a bigger reflection of the quality of the team obviously. When I say simple I’m talking about-- league, ambitions, size/reputation/general quality of the club (facilities etc.), money they offer you. League (which, in the case of the premier, is also a question of promising a player to be in the most mediatic league, the league which in a basic sense most = $$$) plays a bigger role than history for a modern day player, IMO, and anyways for most modern day players the history of the Invincibles and Henry and our (somewhat undeserved reputation) for being something like the beacon of beautiful football to the north of Barcelona is quite fresh in the mind and probably as relevant as Juve’s illustrious history.