Bundesliga Thread


Christ! Can you see beyond their results? They have been piss poor. Their fans are desperate with Ancelotti.


Had a 20-25 minute spell where they controlled the game and looked like going on to winning it and then just capitulated. Deserved win for Darmstadt.


I suppose they aren’t as good offensively as previous years but they still rarely concede goals. When you consistently keep clean sheets you find ways to keep winning games.


Solid defensive because they always keep the ball and no one threaten them.


Schalke leading Hertha at HT.
2-0 FT for Schalke.


That should be the Red Bull scheissehunde done and dusted for this season, finally :sunglasses: Well in Hamburg


They have collapsed when @Persona has started supporting them :wink:


That is not a German word. --> Red Bull Schweinehunde, Arschlöcher, Hurensöhne, Wichser.


When it comes to RB Leipzig, there are no words


BVB will definitely lose PEA next season, they have been shite this season and PEA is on his peak so he needs a team where he can win something.

He reminds me of Cesc playing for us, a team full of promising players but far from finished product.


I’m in love with him



Bayern buy from Dortmund and the latter buy from Gladbach. I like this way :coq:


€10 million. :joy: For that kind of money I think I’m going to the bank to get a loan, buy him myself and have him play in my back yard.


Yeah he’s available for €10m, it would be an abomination if we didn’t even attempt to take a punt on him at that price given how dire our midfield has been.


Wow, buy, buy, buy. We’ve let some incredible young players pass us by the past few seasons alone, we shouldn’t miss out on someone that was also an important component to Xhaka last season.

Would be a Gahoud signing if we can get him, fuck the fake German Arsenal.


Sign him for fucks sake Arsene


Don’t you mean Allegri lol


Arséne? :mustafi: :xhaka:


Leverkusen is winning, and nobody’s watching. :neutral_face:

Ooops, spoke too soon. 1-2.