Bundesliga Thread






TORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Let’s fucking do it! (still love Dortmund :wink: )
Hannover up against Eintracht. It would be quite an upset.


Sokratis owes Buerki a pint!! :flushed:


1-1. Quick response.
Eintracht up now.


This is already in effect apparently.

Dembele inches from a winner! :no_mouth:


Didn’t know Bayern had swapped their shirt with Dortmund. Boring second half.



Penalties? :neutral_face:


ET. FFS Dortmund, you Arsenal!
Dembele, you greedy tit! How can’t you make such a simple pass!?


Into Schuerrle? That was Aubameyang man. :gunnersaurus:


And Dembele’s stretchered off. :disappointed:


They look similar, tbf :poldi:


Dortmund down to 10 men. No sub left for them.


Not anymore. He’s back on. :slight_smile:

Might be risky though if he picks an injury up. :neutral_face:


Tuchel preparing to be our next manager: trying to take a gambe on an injured player :wink:
Dembele is playing as CF, as i think he can barely run now.




@Persona is shitting himself in the pants!


How can you seriously send someone off for this? 2 yellows in 30 seconds for this? :joy:


Watching again, tbf he does gesture ‘one more and you’re off’. Still think it’s a ridiculous thing to send him off for though.


Hertha and penalties, lol!
Dortmund are through. Hertha should learn how to take their penalties.


Fucking Buerki. :joy::joy::joy:


BVB through on pens again!!!


JAAAAAAA! Time to celebrate with a beer! @CunningLinguist :wink:


I’d rather amputate my own legs with a wooden spoon than celebrate a win for that Nazi club.:grinning: