Bundesliga Thread


Majestic from Dembele there. The first touch, the ability to beat two players with genuine intelligence and pace, then to finish it off with a perfect cross. Damn.


Is Toprak good? :giroud:


Eintracht are third! :cech:


Dembele is what i thought Ox would be. Love seeing younger players just tear teams apart like that.

Great delivery too.


Calhanoglu is waiving his pay for the duration of his ban… Sweetening them up before a big summer move to the PL?



The DFB Pokal third round takes place today and tomorrow. One more game for Bayern :ozil2: @CunningLinguist @Persona


Hamburg are the first team to go through :smiley:


Tschuess, @HerthaBerlin :wink:

BVB have only won it 3 times in their history. :neutral_face:


Whiel we have 12 F.A. Cups. Who is the better club now? :ozil2: :poldi:


Good old Robben trying the same trick all over again, with a dive in the end :smiley:
1-0 Costa.
Bayern are so lethargic.
Wolfsburg trainer is wearing this today:


Bayern and Gladbach up at HT.
The game is so shit most streams refuse to show it.
Thiago outmuscled here. Well done by Neuer.
Wolfsburg have woken up, lol!
Well, i’d say Wolfsburg deserve to draw now.
YES! IT’S FINALLY OVER! Worst game of the season?


Lahm retiring, should we be worried or is that Leverkusen kid likely to be his replacement?


Nah we should be fine, I think they’ll nab Henrichs 100%.

Edit - For one his German & two his arguably just as good if not better than Bellerin is going forward and more reliable defensively to boot too.


If Lahm had retired in 2018 (with Henrichs playing another good season) I’d have absolutely no doubt about that. However, Henrichs is still 19 years old and Bayern are a very conservative club, even more so now that the criminal is back in charge. I’d be very surprised if they simply swapped Lahm with such a young player. I’m slightly worried. :wink:


If Bellerin isnt going to Barcelona, im confident he wouldnt go to Bayern.


Haha yeah Bayern have no chance of getting him.


Why, because he’s playing for such an ambitious top club already? Maybe 4 is his lucky number…:grinning:


So, how’s Robben doing? Is he any close to good form?


Some Bayern fans are convinced Kimmich is gonna replace Lahm. He has only played as RB for Germany, tbf.


How is it not obvious.


"FC Bayern München is surprised by the approach of Philipp Lahm and his adviser. Uli Hoeneß and I have held open, intensive and constructive talks with Philipp in recent months about a possible position as sporting director of our club. At the end of last week, he informed us that he is currently not available for such a position and that he would like an early termination of his player contract, which runs until June 2018, at the end of the current season.

Until yesterday we assumed that there would be a joint announcement on this decision by Philipp Lahm and FC Bayern München.

Philipp Lahm has been an important player for FC Bayern München for over a decade. We are convinced that our captain will now concentrate fully with the team on the tough upcoming tasks in the Bundesliga, Champions League and DFB Cup. We would like to make clear that the door will always remain open for Philipp at FC Bayern München.”

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge
FC Bayern München Chairman

will be interesting to see what his plans are.