Bundesliga Thread



1-0 HAMBURG! Man scores against his parent club. :joy:

Off the post from Kiessling…:giroud:


Djourou coming on… :neutral_face:


Same old Arsenkusen! :wink:


Who are you gonna support today Cocktor @Persona? It’s a very difficult choice for you. Plastic vs. Hipsters :wink:


FC Passlack, naturally. :wink:


I have a nagging feeling it’s going to be a tough day for you. :mustafi:


He supports both Dortmund and Leipzig so he is gonna be happy in the end.


Bayern 1-1 so far.
1-1 HT.
So Bayern are being shit once again.


Gladbach looking pretty good again. Stindl with a nice finish to make it 1-0

Dahoud hasn’t done too much, but involved here in the 2-0 goal



500th appearance for ze Kapitan! Legend.


1-1 FT! Leipzig can go only one point behind now :wink:


Hoffenheim destroying Mainz 4-0. Mainz drew 1-1 with Dortmund last time out. :neutral_face:


So Dortmund are shit :wink:


@Persona is cursed I tell you, CURSED!!


4 fullbacks… I like it. :wink: Durm-Weigl-Guerreiro midfield then?


So you are supporting Dortmund again?


BVB v Leipzig is underway!


That break promised so much… :facepalm:


Bayern have been absolutely abysmal once again. Some fans are already calling for Ancelotti’s head, because their overall level of plays is so inferior to Pep’s era (they’re still first in the league, mind you). Today they made Schalke (!) look like a good attacking team and were lucky to get away with a draw at home.
If we don’t beat these fuckers now, I don’t know when.


Finally someone who speaks sense. Bayer are beatable this season.


Is Ancelotti so obviously they’re going to look dreadful in the league yet somehow cruise their way into the CL final.