Bundesliga Thread


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He is coming to Arsenal.
not really a big step compared with Dortmund, tbf :poldi:[/quote]

Yeah, absolutely no chance. Sounds like he wants Spain but if not shitty England will do. :stuck_out_tongue:

“I have an important choice to make. Many people would like to see me in the English Premier League. It’s not necessarily the championship that attracts me the most, but it could permit me to take the next step.”

Alexander Isak is the future for Dortmund anyways :wink:

Also Fedor Smolov, possibly.


Real, while we get Benzema or Morata.


Hakan Calhanoglu banned for four months by FIFA


Should be banned another 4 for being a vocal Erdogan supporter.


Banned for what?


From Reddit:

"To explain why he’s banned: while he was playing for Karlsruhe, he reached an agreement with Trabzonspor about a transfer to them. However, he then extended his contract at Karlsruhe and later transferred to Hamburg. Both CAS and FIFA rule this as a breach of contract, and thus he’s now been banned for four months from all competitive matches.

While I understand why they came to this conclusion, banning him this long also severely punishes Leverkusen, who had nothing to do with any of this."

TL;DR, Signed a contract to move to Turkish club, but then signed an extension with Karlsruhe instead.


What a sneaky cunt.


It was his father, who was (is?) his agent that reached the agreement. Stupid and unfortunate situation overall.


So a happy ending?


Can Leverkusen lose against Hamburg today? :smiley: @CunningLinguist @Persona @A.F


#TeamDjourou tonight!


Brandt on the bench?!

# Schmidtout


Bayer will find a way to fuck up even against the HSV. Oh, Kostic is playing…let’s look for THAT pass. :grin:




Great recovery by Kampl.


Ich bin ein Hamburger! :wink:


Still 0 shots from Neverkusen. Passing accuracy at 69% and Hamburg with 55 %…

This game is a disaster.


Plastic as usual ;).
0-0 HT.


Schmidt has got to go. Way too much talent in that squad to play this shit.


I agree and I said that after the game against Gladbach. Marcelino is probably the best one who is currently without a job.

Probably some others too, that I can’t think of right now. Maybe they should have hired Dieter Hecking before Gladbach did it. :smiley:

ugh, just sack him right now

0 shots on target, 5 in total. Kampl good as usual… he deserves so much better than this crap.