Bundesliga Thread


Great transiction from the defense, great pass from Junuzovic and great goal socred by Kruse.


Wagner off. Hoffenheim down to 10 men.
Hoffenheim don’t give up attacking, albeit they are 1 man down.
Baumann keeping Hoffenheim in the game with a fantastic save.
Lucky deflection to put Leipzig up.
Poor Darmstadt.
First defeat in the league for Hoffenheim. I didn’t know Khedira’s brother played for Leipzig.


Leipzig vs Hoffenheim. What a great fucking match that was,


Oh god! Gladback already losing 2-0 against Neverkusen.
Gladbach pull one back.
2-2! Typical Neverkusen!
3-2 Gladbach! :wenger: @A.F @CunningLinguist


Jonathan looked like a Tahsshole for two goals. :grinning:


Tah’s performance is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen.

Also, Kramer is good and should never have been allowed to leave Neverkusen. Aranguiz (!!!) and Baumgartlinger, were somehow ahead of him?

Marcelino is still without a job, I think. Maybe pointless to sack Schmidt right now, but they shouldn’t allow him to have another season.

I still think he does enough interesting stuff to still be considered a potential top coach, but yeah, it looks like I (and many others) may have overrated him a bit.


Leverkusen should just retire.


BVB were winning 0-1 after 2 mins. Finishes a 1-1 draw with Mainz. :unamused:

Reus having a decent season (when he can play!!!) 8 games, 5 goals, 6 assists.


Time to sack Tuchel. Too many dropped points this season :wink:


Judge him in May, man. :wink: He’s got his team back now.


“Judge him in may”



Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to RMC: "If I want to go to the next level, I have to leave in summer." https://t.co/zx9pDhgZOQ

— Get French Football (@GFFN) 31 januari 2017


Not unexpected (that he’d want to leave). Too good to stay at BVB and not be winning things.


You do not sound bitter at all. :joy:


I’m not bitter. If he was at Arsenal then I’d be bitter. I think he should move on so he can win things.

Obviously though, I’d prefer he stayed.


You’re just mad TTTT prefers Piszczek over Passlack, as it means you’ll have to watch with empty eyes while I take home the title in the talent—>world class thread come summer! Mwahahaha.:mustafi:


Pisscheck is 31. Felix is the future. Henrichs plays for Vizekusen, so it’s only a matter of time before his inevitable downfall. :wink:

@Trion missed his own deadline on that thread anyways.

“Q1 2017: 15th Jan”



The captain will hang up his boots this summer, meaning there will be a right-back vacancy in Munich.


And with Hoeness, he’ll have to be German… Wilkommen aus Muenchen, Herr Henrichs.


He is coming to Arsenal.

not really a big step compared with Dortmund, tbf :poldi: