Bundesliga Thread


This Bayern, thanks to/because of Ancelotti are like an italian team. Arsenal should play against them without Olivier on attack but with a trio with a mix of speed and agility (Alexis, Theo and Ox).


I might have been able to tell you if I knew where he was - haven’t seen him post for quite a while.


I think he might be tempted to support Wolfsburg :coq:


Easy goal for Lewa.


Bayern being a shitter version of Barcelona. Edit: Lewa equalizes.
Bayern are gonna win it easily in the second half.
Freiburg’s first goal was fucking classy :giroud2:
Kimmich on for Vidal. I guess he is gonna score another decisive goal :wink:
This second half is just meh. Nothing is happening.
Half of the pitch is frozen, lol!
What a shit dive that was! Deserved yellow.


-9° in Freiburg atm.


Musta, Kos, are you watching him?


Great goal, tbf. But Freiburg’s defence allowed Ribéry too much freedom.
Bayern’s win was from convincing. We can beat them.


Golazo. :open_mouth:


Schurrle puts Dortmund up against Bremen :bellerin:
Only 1 goal in these first halfs. And it’s Dortmund :henry2:
Dortmund are such a naive team. 1-1.
Dortmund win it in the end and Hoffenheim are still unbeaten.


Leipzig already leading Eintracht.


click the link for the video.

hahahahahaha funniest red I’ve ever seen :joy:


Just watched it. Ahahahahahahhaha!


Love how he falls over, has a pause then see the other teams attacker coming and thinks ‘you know what fuck it he ain’t getting this ball’ absolute clown! Massive rush of blood to a head with very little brains…would have been better for him to boot it out or even conceed to do what he did!


Leipzig keep it up with Bayern. 2-0 HT.
3-0 FT. Leipzig still 3 points behind Bayern.


Gotta say, Amiri is impressing on a constant basis. Really great decision making for a guy who’s recently turned 20.


Eintracht are third after beating Schalke.


Hoffenheim leading against Leipzig.
And Robben scores for Bayern.
Wener equalizes. Let’s see if Hoffenheim can keep their unbeaten run now.
2-0 Alaba. Game basically over.


Bayern are still a great team, but they could suffer our freshness.


Leipzig Hoffenheim is intense as fuck.