Bundesliga Thread


Thiago thought Santa was playing for Bayern! :joy::joy::joy:


Thats the best contender to Bayern, Bundesliga has to provide for.
But Apparently Bundesliga is better league.



150M dollars offered to BVB for PEA.

For sure they will sell him.


Not if he’s not willing to go there though.


Can China just fuck off.


If the reported salary and transfer fee is true, who will refuse 41M $ a year for 3 years plus a % of the transfer fee.


Wolfsburg brought in Malli to replace Draxler.


Kicker | Jérôme Boateng will be out until the start of March, will miss both games against Arsenal



Never want to wish injuries on players but this does give Arsenal better odds of advancing.

Then again given the “better odds” we faced at Man City this year and at Man U last spring only to poop the bed both times, I fully expect the squad to come out flat in the first leg before clawing back a glorious defeat in the second leg.


How many injures have he suffered in the last year? Unlucky guy.


Thiago is injured too, right? When’s he supposed to be back?

Just need to get rid of Lew, Muller, Robben, Neuer… then we’re all set :smiley:


We’re going to Cardiff this year! We’re going to win it and Ramsey will be rightfully lauded a legend on his home soil as he puts in the winner against Barca :ramsey:



He really fell off after the injuries didn’t he? Was looking like he was on the road to becoming a too European CB.



Bayerliga is back tomorrow :henry2:


Freiburg leading :coq:
That was foul for Freiburg. Bayern almost scored here.


Speaking of hopeless underdogs, where’s Doc?


New year, new team.


@CunningLinguist, who is @Persona supporting this year? :wenger: :bellerin: