Bundesliga Thread


Because he has already agreed to come here :henry2:

Bayern twitter underwhelmed tbh, saying they’d rather Low, Hasentuttl or Klopp.

I have no idea about any of them apart from Klopp and Low so I couldn’t say



1-0 Gelsenkirchen.


WHAT A GOAL !!! :cech: 2-0.



hope he gets well soon. was in such good form as well


ouchies wtf…bad tackle?





It seems that VAR is ultimately going to fail because it’s still being implemented by fucking idiots. Ffs


:joy::joy::joy: Incredible how Mainz are celebrating the penalty being scored and the other team are walking back to the dressing room


Is it true that this guy is eligible for England? Or is that a myth like when people used to say “Giggs could have played for England”, when actually he couldn’t.


I read something about some of his grandparents having English passports.


Lol Bayern literally walking on the water in Germany! Frankfurt did well to reach their second DFB Pokal in a row though.

Hamburg are finally done in the league :smile:


Gladbach-Wolfsburg today.