Bundesliga Thread



It’s all about Waitrose :sunglasses:


Sainsbury’s is a little posher than Tesco, no? :thinking:


WTF??? Waitrose is fucking expensive :cech:


Sorry guys, you are right. Sainsbury is more expensive because it has better things.

So @JakeyBoy is a posh boy :mustafi:


Tesco is goat apart from the bakery imo


I actually get the majority of my shopping from Ocado or the Co-op round the corner. Our fresh fruit and veg is sourced locally. Sainsburys doesn’t quite cut it


Hannover-Werder this evening.
2-0 Hannover at HT.
2-1 Hannover FT.

1-0 Hannover

2-0 Hannover

2-1 Werder


Bayern against Ausburg to win the league today.
1-1 so far.

Comical own goal to give Ausburg the lead :rofl:

1-1 Bayern

Now Bayern lead. Superb move. Kimmich is so fucking good.

Wolfsburg, Hertha and Cologne also up.

1-0 Wolfsburg

1-0 Cologne

1-0 Hertha

Bayern up at HT. Cologne, Wolfsburg and Hertha up as well.


Bayern have won the title for the 6th time in a row! 4-1 FT against Ausburg. Useless draw for Cologne against Mainz, while Wolfsburg and Gladbach win. Hamburg-Schalke now.

3-1 Bayern

4-1 Bayern

1-1 Mainz

1-1 Gladbach

2-1 Gladbach

1-1 at HT betweet Hamburg and Schalke.

1-0 Schalke. Clear handball!

1-1 Hamburg

Massive win for Hamburg! They might stay up again :smile:

2-1 Hamburg

2-2 Schalke

3-2 Hamburg


Dortmund-Stuttgart and Frankfurt-Hoffenheim today.
Dortmund up at HT thanks to Pulisic.


Haha Pulisic definitely didn’t mean that!


2-0 Dortmund. Game basically over.

3-0 Dortmund

3-0 FT. Dortmund are just 1 point behind the 2nd spot.
Frankfurt-Hoffenheim 1-1. Frankfurt miss the chance to go 4th.

1-0 Frankfurt

1-1 Hoffenheim. Gnabry!!!


Leipzig-Leverkusen today.


Plastic bottlers vs OG losers


1-1 at HT.

1-0 Leipzig

1-1 Leverkusen


Bailey with the assist. Nothing special, but he has pace, trickery, ability to score goals. He fits really well in what we need. Wonder where he will end up.


What’s Upamecano been like this season? He’s been so poor in this game. He’s supposed to be one of the best young CBs in Europe, right?


4-1 FT to Neverkusen! :cech:. They are 4th now.

1-2 Leverkusen

3-1 Leverkusen

4-1 Leverkusen


Kovac to be next Bayern boss by the looks of things.



Does this mean Loew is not joining Bayern then? :mkhi::giroud3: