Brexit - The UK decision to leave the European Union


Oh us returning would our tails between our legs would certainly be a coup. Plus if we were ever to return the EU has made clear there would be no opt-outs allowed. However the EU is already moving on pretty quickly with fresh dynamics emerging. Reintegrating the UK back into the union, especially if we’re still an awkward partner, would do more damage to the EU than good imo


Beccause that cunt David Cameron wanted to court the UKIP vote because he was unsure about whether he’d win the election.

I know you weren’t really asking why we had the vote but there’s no way I’ll pass up an opportunity to call David Cameron a cunt :slight_smile:


This all seems fucking nuts.


It’s mental.


Several good friends of mine voted Brexit and now it’s looking increasingly likely that I won’t be allowed to settle here permanently even with a high skilled job despite having lived in the UK on and off for 12-13 years.

This is some fucking bullshit.


I don’t know why they always want to limit people. I can understand deciding who does and doesn’t come based on some criteria, but to say to a “skilled worker” you can come here for 3 years really doesn’t appeal to me. It should be we need your skills so we’ll allow you start a new life in our country.

I don’t even get the point of this. We have an immigration policy already, we’re just not allowed to enforce it on EU citizens yet.


That’s not entirely true. We’ve been able/allowed to enforce strict immigration policies on EU migrants for, I think, going back as far as Maastrict. There’s nothing in the statutes which prevent this.

But successive governments have chosen not to do this, wisely, because it’s fucking economically stupid to do so.


How do your good friends feel about that, in light of their decision at the referendum?


They just kept saying it wouldn’t affect people like me (well educated, middle-class background with parents who can support me, relevant work experience in wealth management etc.). I think they still feel the same way, they’re probably in denial about how negatively Brexit is going to turn out.

I mean there’s still a lot that can change and happen, but from that article it seems that they even want highly skilled EU immigrants to only be allowed to stay on a 3-5 year basis? I can’t see the big FTSE100 companies standing for this. So much of their workforce is diverse and from all over the EU.

Good thing my girlfriend only intends to stay in the UK for another 2 years and wants to move back to Chicago. Probably won’t be the worst move for me, I’m just going to miss my whole life over here. All of my best mates live here with their partners and they’re all getting married and buying houses and stuff, I’m going to be gutted missing out on when they start having kids and not being able to the cool uncle who comes to visit. Plus the South West is my home now. Bath, Bristol, Cornwall, I love it here, I don’t really want to leave.


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This is true but the public were fed false information by UKIP and other Brexit campaigners.
I would imagine the issue that swung it in their favour was that the 300 billion saved by not being in the EU was going towards public spending, this of course was a lie, and if there was another vote the result would be different.

But deceiving the people on a public vote is what politicians do, as well as the producers of reality TV shows.


What comes around goes around. Vote better next time :wenger:


I couldn’t vote :cry: And would have voted to stay if I could!


Toni, if you spam threads like this you’re going to get banned. That’s your one and only warning. Keep it to the appropriate ticket threads.


The obsession with immigration in this country is beyond crazy. I just hope people will finally see the value that immigrants bring to this country when we see the effect of placing tough limits on newcomers.


It certainly helps when you have a media which generally shares that obsession with immigration and nationalism.


Counting down the days till independence.

What else can you do when faced with PM Jacob Rees-Mogg to replace PM Theresa May?


I’d love to see a comparison with other newspapers/media outlets around Europe. I’d imagine the mail and express would outdo most at being anti-immigrant.


Does the UK wants to introduce passports for european tourists? We are gonna do the same with people from the UK :wink:


You’re only questioning the validity of the publuc voting on the referendum because the result didn’t go your way.

Having the ref was completely necessary. There was wide spread cross party euroscpeticism up and down the country. DC responded to the growing demand in order to satisfy the voting public. That’s how British democracy works.

People tend to forget a democratic society should always be a reflection of the people’s will, even if they’re uneducated, suspectible to populism and unable to understand consequences. Their vote isn’t any less valid.

All politics is deception and false promises. I’m not going to blame the leave camp for the outcome. I have massive issues with the way the remain campaign was handled and organised. It was tainted by Labour’s political poison at the time and the general message was weak.

My only hope now is that Labour get into power and implement a faux Brexit