Boro Primorac


Ok I apologise for wording it wrong :roll_eyes:


However, I don’t know a manager which prefers to change his staff.


Tbf they’re not really, are they? The way you stated it made it out to be a conscientious approach by Fergie to constantly have new people coming in and offering different ideas, which would frankly have been a rather vanguard and pioneering approach, if it were true. Fergie was a lot of things but I wouldn’t put the adjectives vanguard or pioneering at the top of the list. Anyways, managers don’t tend to change the people they trust and believe in unless they have to.

Which, as always, brings us back to the actual problem. :wenger:


We just need to add fresh ideas.


I wasn’t trying to give Fergie any credit for this, I was just making a point that having new personnel around (whatever the reasons behind it) helped his team. This is all.


In fact I’m not against the decision to change manager, but to change manager will not solve our problems if the board structure with ghost faces like Kroenke, Gazidis (which talks with the media only during the Summer to explain the financial decisions), Friar, will remain the same.

Probably we trust to be a great club, but the reality is different.

I’m sad to say this, but at the moment apart Barça, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid, other clubs like Atletico de Madrid, Sevilla, PSG, Borussia Dortmund, AS Monaco, Chelsea, Manchester City, Juventus are all above us.


Understood, and apologise to be pedantic, just the way it was worded I can appreciate why Maxi made the distinction.

@Maxi_Gooner I’m not sure we need to be so skeptical about our club as it is. Gazidis is hardly a pioneer or forward-thinker but he strikes me as a sensible head. A new manager, provided he is the type who wants to make his own signings and personnel decisions as well, would solve a lot, IMO. Though I still probably wouldn’t’ve minded that Monchi-Emery double swoop I was touting last summer. :santi2:


I am against our greedy board as well. This topic was about one of Wenger’s assistant though. Let’s try to solve our tactical problems first.


Bit of a myth this. Most of them left for other jobs and it was their decision rather than Ferguson’s.

Edit: I see you’ve already covered this. :slight_smile:


Probably they lost their magic touches but if I think about our 22 games unbeaten this season, I think: why? If we are not capable to compete, why we reach an important target like this?


That’s typical Arsenal starting in style and finishing like shit. You should know it by now.


As a player he was a defender… So he cant be helping out in that department…


‘In The Knows’ have claimed for years going back before Pat Rice morphed into Steve Bould that Primorac is the only one with anything like any influence over Wenger.

If the stories are true (and who really knows) it’s kinda sad how much someone like Steve Bould is being marginalised. Clearly there’s been no great falling out or else you’d presume he’d be gone by now


Think we had a power cut halfway through the Everton game and the reset button hasnt been found yet…