Bernd Leno (19)


Older Greek Boy

When Sven promises a madness he fucking delivers!


never heard anything about this guy, when did he come up? :henry2:


Lol stupid autocorrect :xhaka:


I don’t care about marquee signings. I just care about problem areas being addressed. Good window so far.


NO we need to splash the cash MUST BUY OBLAK, Milenkovic Savic, Griezmann and Boateng NOW. SPEND SPEND SPEND


Two back up defenders or with no upside, a goalkeeper some on this board have expressed doubts about and one big talent. That’s not really a madness, is it?


More madness! :henry2:


Yes you madness hater


Bringing in Leno is definitely mad, i’ll give Sven that much…


Has he played in Ge… na fuck it. If he’s coming then ahh, at least he’s better than Ospina and Cech is a grand cup keeper. He also may improve once he’s out of Vizekusen. :stuck_out_tongue:


made some decent saves in this


He’s been utter gash the past couple seasons no getting away from that.

Sure we’ve got to back him if he signs but it’s some risky shit signing this dude, super optimism from Sven is putting it mildly.


Nope not with our new GK coach, he is apparently one of the best GK coaches in the world, he was and still is a good gk makes some mistakes but if sven knows his talent and with good coaching we could have a gem probably look at DDG he is a really good GK, but when he first came to manu people were mocking him and all they could go on about how his hands should be sticky because he is good at stealing and he stole doughnuts.


Leno is 26

DDG was 20 when he came to the PL.

De Gea is one year older than Leno now and about 800 times as good.

Leno is second rate and he lacks leadership qualities. There are so many better options than him that it’s actually ridiculous.

Of course if we sign him i’ll back him and hope our GK coach is some kind of magician, but i’m hoping it’s all lies or that it falls through.


It’s a bit simplistic to think he can go from where he is now to the keeper we need.

Difference between the De Gea situation and this one is De Gea was green when he came to the PL whereas Leno is very experienced and has been a German international.

There’s little to say merely changing clubs is going to end his shitty form but I suppose we’ll have to watch regardless if he ends up signing.

It’s not even like we’re getting him on the cheap or on a free, fees being quoted are good money for a keeper which just seems all wrong.


DDG was always tilted as being the next Iker Casillas and was performing at a very high level from a young age. It was only moronic United fans & premier league fans boys who thought that he wouldn’t be a success at United.


Because of that, so he is relatively a lot cheaper than he should be.


Despite making big mistakes recently, he is still young so he can only improve.


€20-25 million for a keeper is still not cheap.


How much De Gea, Courtois, Neuer will cost?

If not a 100mil it will still be close to that, AND, you have to have the player wants to come.

20-25mil is what???