Arsène Wenger


What game were you watching. I can’t remember one save Ederson had to make. Whereas City could have been 4-0 up at half time alone. If City were on it this would have been a battering

  1. It’s called cognitive dissonance.
  2. It’s spelled intellectual.
  3. You’ve misapplied the phrase anyway.

Otherwise, good work.


Yet you can’t refute what I just said, instead pick on spelling rather than what I was saying. But you are right I meant to say intellectual dishonesty; is that better?

Most of you guys are being super irrational and to emotional; arguments are subjective, and if you disagree you compartmentalised in to AKB whether justified or not, or you aren’t a proper supporter and best one yet you are deluded.

Best way to put it you either with us or against us no grey area


Haha I would ask you the same question.


We will finish above at least 3 of spurs, utd, Liverpool and Chelsea this season and even if we don’t we will finish 5th, That’s is not mid table, we are not and never will be a mid table club


It’s so clear even a blind man can see it. Wenger has taken us as far as he can. He can’t do better and now he is holding us back.


Whilst I believe Man City had the better of the game, I can remember Edison making quite a few saves, one to Ramsey at his near post. One where he came out quickly to deny Ozil. I personally think we did ok against a very good side on a high. It was a penalty, no question. But the offside goal wrecked us when we looked like we may be getting back into it. I thought Coquelin had a pretty good game and made some good tackles. Why Iwobi was played I have no idea. I would have gone with the same team we had been playing previosuly and just replace Per Mert with Coquelin.


Didn’t watch the whole game and what I did I was a bit too hungover to really process too well, but with all the talk about the referees, we should mention that Kolasinac got away with a clear penalty on Sterling (pushing him in the back when he was about to get on to a tap in). So just as we say the referee took the game away from us when it was a real contest City could probably say it should’ve been 2-0 and running away with it within like 30 minutes.


Ha fair enough. Honestly couldn’t remember any shots but our goal.


That’s because you’re clueless. Laca was benched to give more pressing/defensive/playmaking system. He wasn’t dropped for Coq he was dropped for Alexis/Ozil/Iwobi.

Coquelin was played positionally as a DM as much as he did a CB and because he could intercept and recover at pace.


I never said Laca was dropped for Coq.

You’ve made it clear that you don’t like me. Please don’t talk to me anymore.


Trouble is Luca , Wenger doesn’t see anything unless it’s money .


It isn’t fully a lie. We SHOULD be 3-4th based on resources, etc and occasionally punch up or take advantage of a slip or two. Any of us would take the odd 5th/6th if it meant we were closer to title at least every 2-3 years…

Bigger issue is we are slipping, in horrid position relative to squad management, and don’t take good advantage of our massive resources. All at a time where we should be closing the gap financially with the other 3 and separating more from the rest


You insinuated that was the choice.

If you’re going to make silly comments on public forums don’t expect to get a pass.


Well that wasn’t the intention. Obviously I know it’s not either or between Laca and Coq. I’m not the only person wondering why Laca started on the bench. But for some reason you have a problem with me. Like I said, please don’t talk to me again.


In resources United and City leave us for dead and Chelsea have a far more expensive set of stars. Liverpool have spent more than us in the transfer market. Spurs are overachieving with their wage bill but have spent similar amounts in the market to us. Are we happy with 5th/6th then? Probably not and essentially fans are demanding our manager overachieves on his budget.


I haven’t got a problem with you, I had a problem with your cheerleading for Mourinho and I’ve replied to many more people than just yourself. And just for clarity when I insulted you the other day I was unaware you were a female. Don’t take football arguments personally.


This is all true, but if I was earning 10m a season and was dragging the company I was working for down, then I would expect the same criticism.

You seem to forget that the 10m he earns comes from the very people who are criticising him.
They have every right to complain about where their money is going and how it is being hoarded.

You, and a few others, keep going on about “ungrateful” or “spoilt” supporters but if we see the same mistakes every season, and have to watch us failing and going stale every season, then what are we supposed to do.
As I said, he earns 10m a season, so don’t say he owes nothing because by his own words he has made promises that weren’t kept and quotes like “judge me in” however many seasons, just prove he should have gone ages ago.

As for you saying, “It’s basically libel,” what is it when Wenger consistently lies or misleads supporters and never takes responsibility for his own mistakes, but is very quick to blame the media, ex players, pundits, referee’s and even supporters.

If you were paying a lot of money for a poor product what would you do?
Or if you had a company with a manager that was clearly under performing what would you do?



ARSENE Wenger has been warned that he has until 2029 to win the Premier League or face the consequences.

Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: “The club cannot go on like this. We need change and we need it within the next decade and a bit.

“Otherwise, difficult as it would be to dismiss a 79-year-old with his best years in management still ahead of him, Mr Wenger could find himself looking for a new job.”

But fan Norman Steele said: “This short-termist hire-and-fire mentality is everything that is wrong with modern football.

“Wenger needs time to build a team, then build another team.

“Then build a team again.”

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Except Arsenal and the board don’t feel he’s dragging anyone down. Gazidis defends him at every turn, also winning trophies ans beating the likes of City and Chelsea on the way to winning aforementioned trophies, doesn’t really fit your narrative of him dragging the club down now does it. Gazidis and the Kroenkes and especially Sir Chips all think he’s doing a fairly reasonable job considering the circumstances.

Stop giving the club your money and stop watching if you’re that upset. That’s the only thing they will understand. Wenger isn’t lying or stealing a paycheck, that talk is just looney conspiracy theory crazy sportd fanatic talk. He’s trying to win the league, and he is actually bringing home trophies for our club so he’s not really lied has he? Judge him in may after he’s set the record for most FA cup triumphs, winning 3 out of 4 times. [quote=“InvincibleDB10, post:9849, topic:125”]
As for you saying, “It’s basically libel,” what is it when Wenger consistently lies or misleads supporters and never takes responsibility for his own mistakes, but is very quick to blame the media, ex players, pundits, referee’s and even supporters.

It’s called being an insane sports fanatic who whinls there’s some sort of conspiracy theory when in fact you are just assuming a bunch of crazy shit to fit your narrative.

Stop paying for the product and move on. Wenger, in the eyes of the organization, isn’t under performing so that’s a moot point.