Arsène Wenger


We have also played most of our games against bottom half teams, so if you need the referee’s help in those sort of games then you aren’t good enough.



Confirmed. Maitland Niles will be starting against City.


funny professional footballers are still amused by nutmegs. The dressing room and environment is no different than playing football when you were a teen


Trying to emulate Walcott here? :mustafi:


‘I’ve never seen such unity and focus in a squad’



Fucking bastard. PLEASE JUST LEAVE!!!


fair play the team was playing well, penalty not his fault and really we were gonna go through until the ref pulled it back which i didnt see a foul either.


People who still defend him should be arrested. So should be Wenger. Can we arrest him?


12 points off the pace after 11 games in Early November, the big question is objective metrics wise are we ahead of Manchester City ?


Didn’t you stop watching Arsenal like 2 months ago? :rofl:


Le Baguette not starting Lacazette has costed us the game. I am gonna punch him in the face.


Well, it’s like a drug in the end.


You’ve gone full Mario101. :kroenke:


His favorite son right now is Iwobi… Professor needs to play him at all cost


Lol Wenger did really well if not for the refs we’ve got some points today, probably a win tbh.


Yeah, apart from not starting Lacazette, he did well. I apologize to him.


It’s true I’ll agree, Laca looked well up for this match and we dominated once he came in.


We have played eleven games and seven have been against bottom half sides in the PL and four in the top half.

Burnley have played eleven games and six have been against bottom half sides and five against the top half.

Both teams have the same points.

Can Wenger please stop using the excuse that the rich clubs are higher than us because of their money because spurs and Liverpool are above us and Burnley are on the same points and they don’t have the same resources we do.

We also have our best two players still here who are leaving at the end of the season for nothing.

What is Wenger going to do about it?


Not sure about that comparison at all.