Arsène Wenger


That will change once he starts watching YouTube reaction videos or watching others play video games.
The day he dabs, you would want to hold the urge to stab.



He already did what you said… I don’t know if this is fortunate or unfortunate :joy:

His favorite Youtube channels are Zach (visual effects specialist) and Evantube (a kid that opens new toy in every episode and show people how to play/assemble it).
He even watch the game channels with his 4 year old brother to find out how to play Skylander Imaginator on PS4.


Other than Youtube, video games and dabbing, God bless, he still likes to read, to draw, play some soccer, and act like a normal 7 year old who talk back all the time…


Sounds like a great kid you have there. Good for you @ronniec. :slight_smile:



These are my kids… 30 years later I won’t even remember who’s that SOB on the left side that cover his eyes and face; and doing that stupid move…


Sigh. even 4 year olds are getting infected. There is no escape.

Cute kids.
Kid. Don’t know what older lad looks like because of dabbing.


I think it’s funny. Good for them.


Sounds like something a snowflake would say.


Debate or leave m8. this aint msn.


Sachi has said this. No Wenger… :see_no_evil:


What the fuck goes through Mersons head when he comes up with these statements. He is the ultimate yer da embarrassing how sky employ him.




All those years of drugs and alcohol has left him majorly damaged i think. We all piss and moan about having wenger as our manager but if we had Redknapp i think most of us would wanna hang ourselves…or him whatever is the better option.


Sounds like Merson’s brain is as addled as Arry’s. Should do a poll on here on which of HR and AW would be preferred. Fucking no contest.


Merson must be thinking that, because Redknapp has won…er…uhm…and the…um…something…and loads of other trophies in all the time he has been a manager.

Redknapp has been in football for around half a century and I’m not sure he has won more than one FA Cup, so I’m not sure what Merson is on about.

Saying that, I’m not sure if Merson ever knows what he is on about.


Without exaggeration Wenger has taken away a lot of the happiness I used to have in watching Arsenal. Win or lose, I used to look forward to seeing us play. But, last two seasons and the absolute clusterfeck of a situation we are in and the tactical acumen of a wooden plank Wenger possesses have damaged a lot of the passion I used to have for this.

Mind you, the Board is debit to this as well as they are ultimately keeping this fraud on for far too long.


Whats this about Wenger being duped into believing Weah has become president of Liberia and actually, without a prompt, congratulating him in a press conference?



I heard that today and knowing he had become a politician in recent years just assumed it was true too. I guess Wenger is just a busy guy, didn’t check and some intern somewhere is after getting a bollocking. :smile:


It’s pretty funny that some people on here don’t want a manager like Simeone at the helm because it would ruin the apparent good attacking fluid football we play :rofl:


Even funnier people like treble wouldn’t rather Poch over the French Fraud :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


1 point away from home this season.

Pathetic stat.