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Well it shows we didnt really “keep up” our sucsess of the early 30’s dosent it?


No. It shows league positions.


It shows we won 5 titles in a 7 year period (also was that not during world war 2?) and then another 5 during the next 70 years


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If he can hold his own in a debate about AFC and football then that’s good for him. So can I. And if he’s ‘embarrassed’ in an way he might be getting brainwashed by other Arsenal fans rather than forming his own opinions. My points have been valid


See that question mark?

Why don’t you respond to my actual point instead?

Edit: also if villas sucsess came in the early days of assosiaston football how did hey qualify for and get to the final of the European cup in 1982?


Are you actually asking me. OK then, no our title wins between1930 and 1938 were not during world war two. World war two did not start until the following year and during the time football league competitions were in fact suspended for the best part of a decade. We won the second league title after the introduction of league football and arguably it’s not too far fetched to think we might have won a couple in between if not for the war.

It’s quite clear at this stage that you’re not even properly reading my responses so I’m not going to waste any more of my Sunday constructing them. :+1:


So your willing to count our sucsess that came before the 2nd world war but not villas


constructing :smile:


Not that I want to wade into this morass of a thread (big club debate and history lessons arrgggg)… but I think it is fair to say that EVERYTHING changed with the advent of the Premier League and the massive explosion of wealth associated with that… while one can argue big or not big prior to that and all that, the fact is the Premier League ushered in an era that is a clear demarcation line for an economy pre-and-post.

The delta between big clubs and small clubs and big transfers and small transfers has become colossal.

FFS Fergie took Aberdeen to the final of the 1983 European Cup Winners’ Cup and beat Real Madrid in extra time.

It is also what makes LC such an awesome, awesome and super rare story.


It has been made super rare by weighted draws and Bosman-rule. If that could be reversed chances of ‘upsets’ would jump alot.

A very faulty system is being maintained by the UEFA/FIFA-bosses.

That’s really positive about the draft pick system in American sports. Every team has at least a genuine opportunity to build a competitive team.




So outside of the 5 titles in 7 years, its only a title every 14 years, if only we could win the league this year as its our 14th since we have won one.


Fck this thread :rofl:


United have won a trophy in every decade since the 50s. Cant get away from the fact theyve pretty much always been relevant.


yeah but what I ment was that have had 2 periods when they have won loads, just so happens those 2 periods we’re pretty long


I believe we all can do a better job to respect other’s opinion, doesn’t matter the comment is from a 20 year old, or 60.

I learned this from communicating with my son… a 7 year old. Older does not mean wiser, does not mean always right.
I thought I was smarter than my son, but a lot of time I found out how dumb I was, if I use my mouth more than my ears.


This was kind of a point I made. I didn’t like age being used as an excuse - I have a few younger relatives who are hella smart about everything from sport to history and would give a lot of adults a run for their money and often do! Age is but a number.