Arsène Wenger


The club has told the Standard that the pair were sick and therefore unable to take part but Sanchez played 90 minutes against Doncaster the night before and manager Arsene Wenger held a press conference that morning at which he talked about both players without mentioning any illness.


They don’t seem to score that high on the hunger-index. Who would have thought that?


It doesn’t matter whether it’s historical, financial or the amount of trophies won, whatever way you look at it, we were near the top in all those categories, so this must have made us a big club.

Who disagrees with that?

Not really.
It wasn’t that long ago that Man City were a mid table team, and not before that so were Chelsea and Leicester as well.
So there’s always been different teams winning the league.

There were the big four or five clubs, like there is now which were Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Man U and spurs, so it’s almost the same amount as in the PL in recent seasons.

In the seventies and eighties there was only one super team in this country, and that was Liverpool.
They simply dominated football here and in Europe like no other team since.
There were other teams winning the Cup Winners Cup and the EUFA Cup, including us but the biggest European competition was pretty much Liverpool most seasons.


But yet still big enough to draw 80k+ crowds in the days of terraced standing, Crazy shit man


Again I was answering a post which suggested the top six has been easy to predict.
You can’t keep taking a line of a post and using it out of context against me.
I don’t even see your point anyway.
I know Man City used to get crowds of 80k or more about a century ago.
So what.


That’s not what I intended to say, but I think it’s more than fair enough to surmise that if you’re old enough to have gone to see the Arsenal in the 70s through to the present day, you can have a fair assessment of how attendances/atmospheres and contemporary opinions of club size changes across the years.

Anyway, genuinely last post on this one because it’s an entirely subjective debate about the word ‘big’ and ultimately it doesn’t matter all that much. All hail messrs Chapman and Wenger, plus a few inbetween


Big club and world class. If you partake in debates on these subjects you will not win and you will not be happy afterwards.


I didn’t see you saying we were a big club before Wenger.


OH my god lol I’m not even going’s to say it again


Who would you pick? Between Redmond, VVD & Mahrez for me. Not sure I’d want the club to sign any of those but would be between those three If I had to pick someone.


Your post was quite clear, you find Kaner ridiculous for thinking he can have an opinion on a topic hes only been passionately interested in for 10 years.

Which in all honesty, is a crazy* line of thinking.

But then yeah it really is subjective so no one wins. Certainly an interesting convo though.

edit*: said a mean word, didn’t mean it.




Plenty I like, not sure about sign though. VVD, Mahrez and if he wasn’t such an injury risk Wilson.


Kieran Gibbs




The funniest thing is I went to plenty of games as a child in the late 80s early 90s when it was still terraces


The blond young Blond English Everton midfeilder maybe


To throw a different name in the hat, I’ve been quietly impressed with Gueye when I’ve seen him play. The option of a bit more mobility in our midfield two could be very beneficial to how we perform.


A few seasons ago I would have said Imbula but I’d love to see Jonjo Shelvey in our midfield


Lemina from Southampton deserves a mention tbh.