Arsène Wenger


No need to have a sook @Kaner, despite your tunnel vision logic no one was actually having a go at Wenger in this debate :joy:


I’ve called him much worse than that over the years


This thread since yesterday morning :joy: great entertainment reading Kaner vs OA.


I did, in fact this thread started off with myself preferring Carlo over Simeone as his football is more attractive, then it just became a whole Wenger v Graham debate


he is 100% trolling and he knows full well lol

either that or he can’t read


Yeah we really should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque… at this point who cares where AW stands in relation to his legacy, we have bigger fish to fry - he is certainly the greatest manager in our history (or at least belongs in the discussion), but he is past it now and it is way past the point when we need a replacement. Frankly, I’d take either Ancellotti OR Simeone, but I happen to prefer Simeone… I’d even be willing to take a chance on Phoebica - she assures us she would even be better and right now we need a change.


Ha i would.
Job 1: Tell Bellerin to cut his hair
Job 2: Let Lacazette play the whole match
Job 3: Tell Walcott to fuck off


Great manifesto. You get my vote!


By the time Wenger leaves Arsenal there probably will be female managers in the PL


we can only hope


My phone is threatening to leave me if I ever click on this thread again


Just take some aspirin and don’t read the thread


So we weren’t a small club.


Arsenal were a big club already. I don’t disagree with your post, Wenger made us a bigger club and made a huge, huge difference.

But we were already a big club and that single point is why there has been a debate in this thread.

It’s simply incorrect to say Wenger made us a big club. Ask anyone who was into English football pre 1996 and you’ll get this answer.


Lets say I agree with Arsenal being a big club in English football pre Wenger. And I mostly do agree with that.

But English football or football in general was not so popular in 80s & 90s. So the status of being a ‘big club’ was quite localised.

It is similar to Ajax being a big club in Netherlands right now but I don’t think Ajax holds similar stature in world football. (It once did but not in last decade or so before someone points me to 90s)

Celtic & Rangers fans will argue they are a big club and for most parts it is true but their big club status is local.
Dinamo Zagreb, Shaktar, Fenerbahce etc. are all big clubs similar to what Arsenal were.

But they are not big clubs on global scale.


From someone who admits he only really started supporting Arsenal over the last decade - how could you possibly know this?

We are the third most successful club in English football history. We have been a big club for a long time.


In which case I have no argument to pick.


More rubbish. Historically speaking, the English league had always been admired. The 60s, 70s and early 80s were fantastic times for English football. The only downside was the Heyael disaster which prevented English teams from continuing their European dominance.


So fucking what?
Arsenal didn’t do shit in Europe. Arsenal winning PL was not consistent for world to take notice.
Arsenal never had players who would attract global fanfare.

The status of being a big club was confined within English football.


Is this really going to go on for 3rd day when everyone agrees that although we were a big club before wenger we are much bigger?