Arsène Wenger


You seem every bit as keen lol


not denying that for a second, I’m more than happy to debate when i know I’m right :wink:


Well I’m talking for the explosion of popularity in the United states. Fair enough if that’s the opinion of Europeans, but that’s not anywhere close to the opinion of fans here in the states. The Wenger vs Ferguson rivalry is really when the sport started taking off over here. Sure SAF got the better of Wenger more often than not. However that didn’t stop most fans over here appreciating the way Arsenal played the game.

When you go to a pub early morning to watch matches there are 3 teams that get a big turnout. United, Arsenal, then lolpool. Uniteds fans are mostly glory hunters as we all know at the time the sport got big it was united dominating. Arsenal fans are usually the people who became fans like me and lile GG mentioned above. We weren’t winning shit but we were the most fun to watch because our style. Lolpool fans I get the feeling they loves the Benitez days and the CL win, also their tradition as having won the league the most up until recently. City and Chelsea get very minimal to no turn out of support, everyone knows they are plastic af.


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Arsenal had finished 5th, 12th, 4th, 10th the seasons before Wenger took over.

Newcastle had just finished 2nd in 95/96 when Wenger joined Arsenal and would finish 2nd in 96/97 also and had talents like Ginola, Asprilla, Beardsley, Ferdinand and would add Shearer that summer. If Newcastle get Wenger instead of Keegan/Daglish they win the title. It’s an easier position to win the league from than Arsenal. Actually putting Vieira/Petit/Grimandi behind those forwards and you’re already looking the best team in the league, maybe needing a top CB.

Leeds were mid-table but about to start a huge spending investment, mainly in British players for rip off prices, if Wenger was buying the likes of Vieira, Petit, Anelka, Henry, Overmars, Pires etc they would obviously have done much better. Probably not in the first season though.

Everton probably weren’t spending enough and didn’t have the players for Wenger to win the league there. But then again under Wenger our net spend wasn’t actually high compared to the rest of the league, it was pretty average.


what has this gotta do with Arsene Wenger?


Isn’t it obvious? Wenger is so amazing he could have prevented that from happening!


Kaner is hilarious when he thinks certain opinions could somewhat we an attack on Arsene Wenger, brilliant to see some parts of his cult are still going strong… also as long as he does not lose his next 132 games that should remain.


I wouldn’t hate Wenger when he had an influence on me supporting Arsenal. People here are a lot older than me and probably started in 90’s, in Graham’s era or the start of Wenger’s era, and became spoilt with trophies in those years. So Wenger raised the standards high :thinking:


That’s true, but in that same period we had won the FA Cup, League Cup and got to two European finals, winning one of them.

It’s true that Newcastle had a great side for a few seasons but historically neither Newcastle, who haven’t won a trophy for half a century or Leeds, who been in the second tier of football along with Newcastle, were bigger than us.
Everton have a bit more history than those two but even they don’t come close to ours.

Just to reiterate, I’m not saying that Wenger wasn’t the greatest manager we have had, just that I find it unbelievable that some posters don’t have any sense of what a big club we were before Wenger.

When I here some of these comments it makes me wonder what these “supporters” are going to do when Wenger leaves.
Are they going to follow him, wherever he goes, or slum it with us?

I have been going to Arsenal way before most supporters on here, and I can assure the ones who don’t know, that we were massively supported and respected and have always been considered a big club.

I always remember the great Bobby Robson, when referring to us, always called us “The Arsenal” because he knew what a great club we were and steeped in tradition.
We are also the only club to have a station named after them.


the only people that have ever looked like they might stop supporting arsenal are the wankers that demand success in return for their support you can fuck off with talk like that


wrong thread just noticed!


I wasn’t referring to you when I said that.
I was talking about posters on here that have said they are Wenger supporters.
It wasn’t aimed at @arsenescoatmaker either, who was the poster I replied to.
I apologise if you thought that.


i don’t think theirs anyone that would do that, certainly not on here anyway, although if he did leave i would absolutely take an interest in whatever club he was managing and probably buy their shirt too, nothing wrong with that as far as i can see, unlike george graham it won’t be spurs he’s managing after us


It’s like talking to religious fanatics.
They just won’t take any slight aimed at their club.

Arsenal were an alright club in an alright league.
Other big clubs saw Arsenal as they see Everton and Villa now.

Arsenal became a big club after Wenger capitalised on the resurgence or rebranding of Premiere League.
The tussel between United and Arsenal made the league even more exciting plus the move away from English players to French mavericks.

The league titles, Invincible season, beating Inter, Madrid, Juventus in CL gave credentials to the clubs and hence the big club status we enjoy even after a long lull.

Wenger is a huge reason Arsenal went from an alright club to a big giant of a club whose colours are etched globally among fanbase and rivals.


Exactly. Wenger has taken us to a global level, but we were already a big club in England before him.


Which is what I was trying to say the whole time but got hate for it. Arsenal before Wenger - big in UK, Arsenal with Wenger - big worldwide


Then that’s what you should have said if that’s what you were trying to say, not real hard is it ?


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