Arsène Wenger


It’s hard to argue both sides of this debat. But Wenger has the benefit of the doubt since he was the manager when it all came together.

The signing of Bergkamp being the other, be it a small, sign of where Arsenal stood as a club. They were able to attract a player who was 2nd in the Ballon d’or voting and 3rd in the Fifa World Player of the Year voting in 1993. You don’t sign a star like that if you aren’t a club of big stature.


I think the signing of theirry Henry plays as much part in our global support as our on feild sucsess does

Obviously the two go hand in hand but the fact that every semi neutral football fans favourite player payed for us definately played a part


@Kaner has quite literally invented an argument and he’s now spent the better part of this morning taking part in his own conjured up debate.


Again I’m not sure that’s correct, Gunner girl made this post…

And I’ve been arguing against people that disputed that, although also agreeing with it some how

What is the argument you think I have invented?


I blame the ‘this isn’t msn messenger, debate or leave’ bollocks for this.


Please do elaborate on how a one off comment in a specific situation is relevant here.


That’s fair enough, I see what you mean.
I should have said he has been successful but isn’t anymore.


I still think we would have been a big club because we were the biggest club in London and were among the best supported in the league and have been for about a century.

It’s a combination of our reputation, the fact we had the best defence in Europe and Wenger transforming that into a great attacking team built on that defence.
It also helped that Wenger had Dein working with him, because they were both very ambitious.

If Wenger had taken over a mid table team I don’t think he would have been as successful, so it was all these things together that enabled us to move to the Emirates.

But at some point we have to realise that with Kroenke and Wenger we have watched the club stagnate and our rivals overtake us.


I think it’s quite embarrassing that there are Arsenal fans who literally still believe we were not a big club before Wenger arrived.


You mean like Sol, Toure, Cashley, Lauren and Lehman?

Wenger did inherit a fine defense but he also transformed us with Vieira, Petit, Overmars and Anelka and won the double in his first full season when we hadn’t been close to winning the league anytime after '91


Compared to what we are now we were not a big club though were we?

The argument I apparently imagined is the argument you are making and could play out for the rest of the afternoon before you conceded that yes we are in fact a much bigger club now


No, with Seaman, Dixon, Winterburn, Adams, Bould and Keown.
We also had Wright and Bergkamp.

That’s what I said.
He took a great defensive unit and turned us into a great attacking team that also had a great defence.


If you are saying we are a bigger club because we are richer and have a new stadium then yes.
But comparatively we are not much bigger.

When Graham was manager the biggest clubs were Man U, Liverpool and us.
We had around the third biggest attendances and Everton and spurs were just behind us.

We are now behind Chelsea, Man City and Man U in terms of success and revenue and, spurs and maybe Liverpool have caught us up.

You could argue every club in the PL is bigger than it was back then, but realistically there were only two bigger clubs than us in the PL and now there are three or four.


Before the premiere league/Arsène Wenger era arsenal were not seen as one of he biggest clubs in world football in the way manchester Utd and Liverpool were, Now we are In large part thanks Arsene Wenger


Obviously but many forget he also rebuilt that defense with the Invinsibles


You could argue we aren’t now.
In terms of support we have always been up there in the top three or four in the top league.
As for Europe, there are a lot more teams from a lot of different leagues and we are not an elite team by any stretch.

If you are saying when Wenger first came here and we had the great players, playing some of the best football, then I would agree that we were a big European team.
But if you mean now, then no, we we’re not.


arsenal are without a doubt currently one of the biggest clubs in world football


When Wenger took over United, Blackburn and Leeds had all won the title before we won it and Newcastle had finished a very close second a couple of times. If Wenger had gone to any of them or Liverpool or Chelsea he would have had similar or more funds to build a super club. Comparatively if we’d had the Leeds Chairman Peter Ridsdale mismanage us the way he mismanaged Leeds we’d have gone bankrupt. If we’d moved to the Emirates and missed CL football for a few seasons we would have been in serious trouble.

The Everton comparison isn’t too far off. They were one of Europes best teams in the 80s and probably would of won the European Cup if it wasn’t for the ban. Liverpool fans trolled them over the ban on this basis. In the 90s they didn’t invest and dropped to a mid table team.

So yes we were a big club before Wenger but so were Leeds, Newcastle and Everton either in terms of fan base or history.


He hasn’t got 4 in the last 20 years, which was the time frame specified by @Kaner


no one seems to want to respond to my post asking them to imagine we had stuck with bruce reoch and wenger had instead gone to one of the clubs you’ve mentioned

all i get is “lol you think arsenal weren’t a big club before wenger”

this post

could quite easily read

and it would mean exactly the same thing

i can see why you thought i was trying to compare his record to wengers but i was honestly just saying that carlos record in the league isn’t very good