Arsène Wenger



Another way to analyze it is we are 4 points behind the leaders after 4 games… extrapolate and voila, we are 38 points behind at the end…

LOL seriously, he is a joke at this point… my metaphor with him as Don Quixote is increasingly apropos and it is just a sad mess.


Those values being what keeps him in a job even when it becomes detrimental to the club he so loves.



I’m genuinely interested to know just how deep does this disgruntlement with Wenger go? Much anger/frustration is displayed on here, but if it were expressed as a percentage of the Emirates capacity what might that percentage be? Any intelligent estimates from forum members? I realise this is not the best audience to ask this question of, but is this outrage as fierce in the greater picture as it is appears to be on here?


Translation: Manure would have sacked me immediately, while Arsenal keep me forever.


They kept Fergie for 7 years without winning the title and LVG for 2 seasons. Wenger with United’s checkbook would of dominated Europe. All the jokes about ‘nearly signed’ players would actually be players playing under him if he went to United. He probably would of tried to take Henry with him. He’d have got CR7, Fabregas, Nasri and RVP in the same team.


Hes got no real pedigree in europe after 20 years to be making them kind of assertions of dominating the champions League.


It’s imperative for the club that Wenger keeps churning our the title challengers line.

We have to remember that the people that go to games, the fans around the area and the country are not the only fans. The club has followers from all around the world and it would be a PR disaster for a club like ours to admit we are not aiming for the title.

For the record, having a target of being champions isn’t the same as having it as your only objective. When Wenger says stuff like this, it’s just to keep the mantra going that a club like ours should be aiming for no less but at the same time we have to be realistic that it’s currently beyond our means - you literally cannot argue that when other clubs have endless pots of money.

Going back to what @Cristo said regarding a statement - that would be a PR nightmare for the club. Despite it being largely true, the club would literally be opening up the floodgates for the media to have a field day. Wenger’s wage and job would come into (more) question, the ticket prices would become a major issue - the club wouldn’t be able to justify the prices if the aim wasn’t the title. The media in general would have a field day and attack from every angle the moment we showed any weakness.

So yeah, even though it’s blatently not true, we have to make it out like we are always aiming for the title.


That was before they were the global behemoth they were in 2002 though if we’re honest. If Wenger didn’t win them a league title he wouldn’t have still been in a job come 2009.

A tenure in between van Gaal’s two years and Fergie’s seven would have been most probable, but closer to van Gaal’s length if employment.

Luca is being a bit exaggerative but I think it’s clear what point he is making, and that there is some truth to it. Wenger wouldn’t have had this level of job security at any other top team.


Mainly due to managing Poverty FC. The type of team he could assemble at a checkbook club would be something else.


Lest we forget Wenger was dominating the PL before the stadium move and the Kroenke years kicked in.

Fergie went 3 seasons without winning a title in the 00s, while outspending Wenger 3 to 1 and putting out transfer fund to revenue deals that made the Pogba deal look like peanuts.

Imagine if Wenger had 3 times the transfer budget in the early 00s and more after that.


He under achieved with a great Arsenal side and a much poorer Liverpool side won the CL trophy.


Can’t see the sense in this. No one who has been following Arsenal for the last 10 years, believes a word about us being title challengers. So why say such things and become the laughing stock of the world. In fact, it’s worse, the media is so used to Wenger’s bullshit statements that they don’t even bother to make fun of it cause it isn’t funny anymore. It’s deluded. Like you said, it blatent bullshit and no one is buying it, so why sell it.

Instead, just shut the fuck up or say something like, we will do our talking on the pitch, or that our performances will dictate how far we will go or some other generic bullshit like that. I think him making such stupid statements further degrades his position in the eyes of the fans, the pundits and media as someone who clearly is disconnected from reality.


Wenger underachieved massively in the CL between 2002-2005, the squads we had in that period were as good as anyone’s in Europe.


And they haven’t been doing that for the last 5-10 years anyway?

I see what you’re saying though.


Arsenal is already seen as a laughing stock under majority of football followers. This board and manager are only kidding themselves by persisting with that line.


Liverpool outspent us so how we they ‘poorer’, as in not as good yes, and they fluked it, we got robbed by Barce’s 12 man. Fine margins and all.

Point is Wenger with funds would of built a super club, he nigh on did here before the board went to shit.


Not only a PR nightmare but also within the club. I can’t imagine the attitude and motivation within the staff and squad being at its highest if the manager started downplaying the chances and goals from the third week onward.


Some of you are being ridiculous if you think any manager should declare not being a title challengers after 3 games.

Try to pipe down your frustration a bit and think logically the implication of admitting such a thing, regardless of how true it may be.


We more than had enough talent to have done better in the champions League and every Arsenal fan knows that.
We also probably had the best ever side to lose a UEFA cup final to a bang average bunch of turks.