Arsène Wenger


^ exactly


I’m afraid you’re right.

I really don’t get on what premise they thought this was a good move. Anybody got a good explanation?


For letting Dick Laws contract expire? Are you having a bit of fun given the Alexis and Ozil situations? :smile:


Maybe, but I don’t think so. Dick Law has said he was more involved in squad planning and negotiations, not just contracts (he was previously a scout). Huss Fahmy is more of a commercial & legal expert.

While at Sky, Fahmy worked on the media giant’s Sky Movies and Sky Sports platforms, before becoming head of legal and commercial for Team Sky and then commercial and business affairs director for the cycling team, whose members include Tour de France winner Chris Froome.

At Arsenal he will work alongside general counsel Svenja Geissmar, who joined the club in 2009 as its first-ever in-house lawyer.


No. For hiring Fahmy.

I think lack of success/competitiveness is more the reason why they don’t want to sign extensions btw. That’s not something to blame on Dick I would think.


I wasn’t blaming Dick. I was equating his contract run down to theirs.

As for hiring the sky dude not sure we can pass any judgement on it after just a fee weeks and also probably never since we won’t really know the ins and outs of what he’s up to.


Yeah. It’s probably not fair to attack guys like Fahmy and Burgess. But how these hirings and the change story of Gazidis has been communicated gives some irritation.


His delusion knows no bounds.


Fuck off. Yeah cause when someone asks him, “can you win the title?”, his answer should be oh hell no we are shit. Lulz cmon bruh use ur fucking brain i know u hate Wenger and nowadays its en vogue to use anything as a stick to beat the man with but holy fuck this is a new low even for you.


What’s that? Can’t hear anything except you chocking on Wenger’s dick.


Plenty of managers and even top managers will say that the title is out of their hands or that it is a wild dream or whatever

We haven’t won the league in 12 years and right now we’re going through our worst, most tumultuous and demoralised period and squad in several decades and yet Wenger still has the nerve to come out and say “We can win it, i’m confident we can” except for the fact that for every season for the last 12 years him and the team have massively let us down every season.

I’d rather a bit of honesty and realism than his stupidly blind optimism that no-one fucking believes.

“Can we win it? Look, it’s pretty clear that the club and squad has gone through a very tumultuous summer which hasn’t been helped by the two early losses. We’re working hard on solving all of the clubs internal issues at the moment, and in the mean time we’re training hard and well so we can out there and play the best possible football. Given the situation, it’s unrealistic to expect a title challenge it but what we will do is go out there and play the very best we can and give ourselves the best chance we can.”

Easy. Hmm maybe I should work in PR.

You’d get much more respect for being honest and open and realistic, you take pressure off yourself and the team by saying you don’t think you can win it (even though you will be trying to) and you won’t look like a complete fucking numpty once you do bottle it in February as always.


I read his comments and they seemed completely fine in the context of the conversation. You can’t throw in the towel after 3 matches, it’s pathetic. Once again, Wenger thinks we can win the title, as he should.


He wouldn’t get any respect for being honest. Wengers relationship with the fans is over, whatever he says people will be able to find fault with. He has only himself to blame for that though.


He says “title challengers” which we all know really means third place. We were in the race but were a bit unlucky and clubs that spent more than us won it, that’s what we’re aiming for :wenger:


Agree with what you say Cristo but the line is so thin and Wenger would get nailed by one side or the other if he steps either side of it just a fraction.

He can’t not answer these questions, I find it’s better and easier on the stress levels to just ignore all pre and post match comments from the manager


Saying that we are title challengers is complete fucking nonsense and everyone can see that apart from the most embarrassingly ardent Wenger fans. Note I said Wenger fans, not Arsenal fans. I say that because we’ve reached the stage at which you’d have to be a Wenger fan to agree with such bullshit, simply being an Arsenal fan isn’t enough.

If anyone actually, genuinely believes we can challenge for the title then you’d have to question their capability to think rationally. We finished in our worst ever position under Wenger last summer, 18 points off the Champions, and we haven’t done anywhere near enough to bridge that gap.

@Cristo is totally right in his post. Nobody is buying Wenger’s bullshit anymore and he’s doing himself no favours at all. I don’t even believe @Arsenal4thetreble is buying it either, he’s either trolling or he’s like a scared, battered wife convincing herself that her husband is telling the truth this time when he promises that he’ll never hit her again, when deep down she knows he’s full of shit.


Yeah that’s true. I have given up on any of the pre or post match stuff, top frustrating.


Yeah, come may and we are 8th :mustafi:


He should only believe we can win the title if we realistically can. That’s ambition. But we can’t. And to believe we can - that’s delusion. In our case, he has to address reality and do as necessary to make our chances realistic. Starting with showing himself out.


Wenger’s right.
We can easily win the title.
We’re only six points behind the leaders with thirty five games to go.
It won’t be easy but we’re right up there in sixteenth place and playing some great football.
Once we’ve climbed out of the relegation area we can march towards the title.