Arsène Wenger


Tbf. His franchises have never been succesful even before. Although I’m only familiar with the Denver Nuggets. Always a play-off team at best. Has any franchise from the Colorado area won Championships?


I clearly remember even in the mid/late 2000s we had the reputation of being cheap, because f.e. we never spend 20 million on a player. Which became the norm for good to great players at that point.


“We have to take some distance from it” :wink:


Avalanche we’re a powerhouse in the 90’s and early 2000’s. They’ve fallen way off too but the arena is always packed. Very similar to Arsenal.


Fair enough. When I see Arsenal being run of the pitch tactically and the way our business on the transfermarket has ‘evolved’ over the years. I wonder how much of that is actually attributable to Kroenke.

Talking about the NBA again; but I feel like it’s very hard in American sports to have sustainable success anyway. I mean you do have the Lakers and the Celtics, but often franchises are succesful for a particular era when they have one certain franchise player or coach. Jordan in Chicago, Wade in Miami, Thomas in Detroit.


Didn’t even listen to his pre-match press conference. Guess he said the same old bullshits all over again.


This is a typical trait of a narcissist, especially one which has power!


“It’s never your fault, Arséne Wenger it’s never your fault”.

Didn’t our supporters sing this song before the F.A. Cup game against Lincoln City last season?


Tomorrow’s game is not on TV here. Have to say I’m relieved. Sad, that.


Why? It’s a relegation battle dogfight! :henry2:


Kroenke s MO seems to be to buy a team, build it up by getting new stadiums (Pepsi Center(Avs), Dicks Park (Rapids), Edward Jones dome (stl rams), New LA stadium (LA Rams)) and invest heavily in the playing side to get success early, then live off of the nice stadiums and early winning and let the teams deteriorate on the field.

With his moving the Rams to LA he wanted St Louis to build him a new stadium (EJ Dome was built in '95!) and when they didn’t he moved the team and restarted the business model.

He seems to have a more personal attachment to the teams from Denver and my guess he sees that denver is becoming Americas next “big city” with its rapid growth so isn’t so keen on moving those teams.



Well that’s one dick from the pair stepping down.


The amazing thing about this, is that we actually had a transfer negotiator.

I thought our transfer negotiations were done by Homer Simpson.


^ Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.


guess they are getting rid of wengers yes men slowly but surely, hopefully this means that wenger is gone after this contract.


If there ever was a moment to add a ‘football guy’ to the organizational structure of the club…

I don’t really care what title we give that person.


So we gave Wenger a new two year deal and just two months into it we are trying to undermine him by getting rid of his allies?

Not buying it.


maybe because it we between him and wenger that majorly fucked our summer, he has been bad for a long time apparently there was a time that he didnt get a transfer done because he missed his fucking flight. Maybe that sky contract expert will take over for the time being. Something is going on, they are slowly changing staff over.


The dudes contract was finished and he didn’t want to renew. Why does there have to be anything more to it than that?

Bringing in the sky lad was clearly a precursor to Law leaving.