Arsène Wenger


why cant we instead of being run like leicester be ran like dortmund. Spend some money on some exciting players for a change. Why are all of our signings mainly ‘meh’ signings…i wouldnt mind singings like dembele when he went to dortmund he cost someting like 11m why do we never take a chance on some exciting players like this they are fucking cheap enough but we seem to go for middle of the road players on expensive fees and expensive wages which we can never fucking shift when they show themselves up to be another ‘not so special’ player.


Yeah, let Ozil and Sanchez leave and keep Walcott :hipster:


Wouldn’t Cech and Walcott walking require replacements in summer 2019? :eyes:

Can’t see Cech being much use after 2019 when he’ll be 37. That’d probably be a good time for him to retire.

And letting a 30 year old Walcott go for free wouldn’t be a big worry either. The alternative of giving him a decent contract until he’s 33 worries me more.

The point of tying players down is not to lose them to other clubs but even Monreal I’d say would most likely not be a huge loss or in high demand at 33. Players like that should be evaluated in their final few months rather than committed to now. Sagna at 31 got a good offer from City that I’d doubt would have been offered to a 33 year old Sagna.

I’m more worried with the precedent set by a £180k offer for Chamberlain. Your Ramsey and Welbeck types could be asking for the same kind of wage Chamberlain is worth and if the club says he’s worth £180k then there could be trouble.


Pretty awesome planning and execution got us to this fine place…


You’re right.


Walcott should be sold next summer. Cech should be evaluated closer to his expiration, maybe he continues to age well or maybe he’s willing to accept a lesser role & contract, we know how important staying in London is to him.


he can go to west ham then :stuck_out_tongue:


I think he would be a great mentor/coach if he is willing to accept the back-up role and we get a top keeper in (hahahaha)… seriously though, relying on him as our only potential #1 beyond next year seems like the sort of gambling that we persist with that keeps us on the hamster wheel.


You would hope we sign a goalkeeper who doesn’t need mentoring or coaching. Jan Oblak would be the dream. But will remain the dream.


Every GK needs a coach - maybe not mentor, true… doesn’t hurt to have a legendary consummate professional on the staff/back-up though. Agree with your point though - we need ready-made top starter. Oblak is a good shout, but yeah… dream stuff. A day late and a pound short are we.


I feel like we worry to much about who our back-ups are and what we have on the bench. Surely you need 15 good players to eventually win the League. But we’re not even close to that. Let’s fix the starting eleven first :wink:.


Yep - get a top 11-13 then fill in the rest…


The phrase that springs to mind is…‘locking the stable door after the horse has bolted’

Once it becomes common knowledge that your two best players want out, you cease caring so much about the futures of Walcott and Welbeck


The saddest part of it all is that we have to actually undergo it all. At other clubs managers get fired (obviously the result isn’t always positive), but Wenger won’t leave and Kroenke wouldn’t fire him. Just 1,5 years of shit.


Cech has a future as drummer in a metal band, tbh.


you’d be lucky…he will be here for another 10 years at this rate. Got a horrible feeling this might not be his last contract.


Seriously out of those players Ramsey will probably be the only one worth extending in 2019 and even that could be debatable.


When you realize the move to the Emirates isn’t what you thought it would be


We went 10 years too early. I honestly wish we woulda done a lolopool and just refurbished Highbury.