Arsène Wenger


That was amazing. Wenger is so charismatic.


Just need to transfer it into management.


Just adopt me please Arsene. Honestly if he was a cunt it would be far easier to be Wenger out, but i just love him.

Also Per has Wenger 2.0 written all over him.

edit: Anyone else thinking ‘Dennis Bergkamp’ too?

edit2: 0-10 against Chelsea in the FA Cup final?

2 :wenger:


Love how Arsene thought Per was nervous for the cup final but Per was like nah fuck it everyone was writing me off already so I wasn’t nervous. Then he went out and bossed that match, fucking legend…


You can criticise the manager, but not the man.

As much as I wanted Wenger to step down, I’ll always love the guy.


he’s still the #1 Gilf in my eyes :heart_eyes:


Guy I’d Like to Fire?


Meanwhile AW can confirm that he cannot confirm whether any offers for Alexis Sanchez have arrived at the club…


I guess part of the reason our owners haven’t released a joint statement saying we are not selling Sanchez is because they are actively pushing for him to be sold?


Knowing Kroenke, that’s for sure. He is a greedy cunt.


or maybe the reason they haven’t released a statement is because Wenger has full control of all football matters. Wenger’s comments are enough. I don’t recall the board ever commenting on player sales or purchases.

I don’t buy that Lemina story either. If you ever think Wenger’s isn’t in full control just look how well the ‘catalyst for change’ summer went


Is there even one change that actually went through? All the talk about a director of football and replacing some of the coaches and ultimately nothing of it happened and Wenger goes on doing the same thing he has always done.

Hard to argue really that he isn’t 100% responsible for anything football related and that he doesn’t have full power.


I buy it to an extent.

Likely a guy that was suggested to Wenger but not much more than that. IIRC he statistically profiles quite similarly to Santi though I don’t think you’d think that if you watched him.


Mad Jens a first team coach.

Per to head Academy from next year.

Legal expert Huss Fahmy signed to work on player contracts (something that is obviously a current problem).

Darren Burgess joins in new role as director of high performance (fitness).

Your post is a load of shite on the backroom stuff.


Calm down, no need to be rude.

The academy job was vacant anyway and the legal department falls in the responsibility of Gazidis and not Wenger.

The other roles are additions in numbers and not replacements as were rumored during contract talks.


Don’t let it get to you, he’s just putting in his application to Kaner and A4TT to see if they’ll let him join their Wenger boy clubhouse.


If Wenger can pull off the re-signing of Ozil and Alexis he has done very very well.


I actually was Wenger Out like the most of us. I also think it’s important to give credit where it’s due - backroom appointments have been good.


Past tense?


These appointments are going to have minimal influence on the trajectory of the club. Nothing is going to change. It’s quite a joke honestly.