Arsène Wenger


:joy:gotta love the self afflicted burn.


Btw there is one with over 1,000 votes and it’s split down the middle 50/50 :smiley:


Until next year my friend. We’ve got a taste for success and we will defend our title.


Every trophy counts for a footballer who has around 15 years after signing professional. I think we are the only strange one to call a super cup the community (charity) shield. It kind of reduced the glory of winning it. The super cup is a trophy for the best in the league and the best team that gone all away against all odds in a knockout competition.

Wenger would have won more FA Cup and League Cup if he was more ruthless and threw out his principle of fielding the second string even in the finals.


I am amazed you are familiar with twitter given that your perception of reality is so far stuck in the past you will almost go down with Titanic.


Exactly. When the league and the national cup winners face each other it is considered a trophy in every other country.


Bloody foreigners.


This was the river Nervión after Athletic Club won the 2015 supercopa. Although for context, they hadn’t won a trophy for 20 years or so (they finished runners up in the cup)


Small time as fuck that. :laca:


that must have been a special day out! Love that.


Apparently the board wanted to sell Sanchez and sign Mario Lemina, but Arséne blocked both from happening. I’m on Big Weng’s side this time :sunglasses:


Thanks god! Have they lost the plot? Lemina for Sanchez? :cech:


Opening post has been updated with new CS success included :trophy:

(Please no one start an argument if it’s a proper trophy or not, for god sakes :smiley: )


Musty isn’t a real admin, clearly non competative and no other forum takes him seriously.


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This kind of stuff is going to be par for the course once Wenger is gone. Be careful what you wish for Arsenal fanatics. I still find it funny that anyone thinks the board is going to hire some highly touted manager and pay top dollar for him once Wenger steps down.


Meh. I’m a risk taker, I still want to throw that dice :kos2:


I mean the manager position really isn’t the most expensive part of a football team. Why not save money in other areas.




Whatever you think of his managerial skills at the moment, he’s been a credit to football :clap:


That’s why players will run through brick walls for him.