Arsène Wenger




It’s clear, this is a solution will be solved with a new contract. He wants to stay and Arsène wants to keep him.


Yeah, think he is gonna sign in the end.


It seems this way yet I’d feel more confident if he actually signed the new contract and not just talked about it. You can never know what happens with a player if he goes in his last year of contract and suddenly more attractive options become available or Arsenal doesn’t have a great season.


I agree with you, but what Arsene should do?

If he keeps them (with more time to discuss the extension), the boring part of our shitty fanbase isn’t happy because he keeps them with the risk to lose for free.

If he sells them, the boring part of our shitty fansbase isn’t happy because hasn’t showed character and winning mentality.


This squad is full of very replaceable players, except for the obvious two, we shouldn’t be to bothered if players chose to leave. An overhaul might be for the better anyway.


Not have it come to this situation to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in regards to Özil in no way saying that he should be sold, just that having it come to this isn’t an ideal situation and shouldn’t be labelled as one, even if he means it in a footballing sense.


My expectations for the coming season are lower than ever before


How does he do that in your opinion?


The obvious 2 were the ones I was mainly referring to. And Ox too doesn’t seem to want to sign a new contract either.

I agree that the squad needs an overhaul. But it’s not exactly good business to have that many players leaving on a free.



Sometimes players get rewarded for achievements by a contract upgrade. We could have shoved a new contract under his nose after he lead the Premier League in assists for the 15/16 season and see how that would have worked up. But saying that I don’t know if they approached his camp last summer and they rejected talks in that stage.


Sounds exactly like the time he said his future wouldn’t impact our season and then said when it clearly did he said at the end of the season that the speculation had a negative impact on our season.


By initiating contract talks earlier, clearing up his own contract situation sooner, setting own dead lines,…

I’m not an expert on this but when both your star players are allowed to run down their contract like they did and you have another 3-4 players doing the same, there clearly is something wrong with the approach at hand and it needs fixing. There are very few teams at a similar and higher level to Arsenal that run into contract problems as often as we do.


It seems suspect that we were supposedly offering Alexis and Ozil £280k a week in like May. If those offers were real, why weren’t they on the table in May 2016 or October 2016? Then they’re both looking at turning down an extra £140k a week for two whole years to force a move which would be hard to do.

It isn’t because we suddenly came into money in 2017. You could argue that Alexis hadn’t had that great season yet so maybe wasn’t worth it, but Ozil was hardly player of the season last year and he’s supposedly worth the same kind of big money.


We actively hired a guy that came in to help deal with contractual issues right? Seems we have a few potential outgoings that are waiting to be done but fail completely with the big two in Mes and Al.


Like Sanchez would bother to give his best in his last year. He knows he can leave on a free.


If it’s true he said that, then it just shows his contempt he has for the supporters.
I know he is well known for spin, but that is just a ridiculous thing to say.

If contracts aren’t that important and it’s an “ideal situation,” then why does he give so many average players massive contracts and then we can’t get rid of them?

[quote=“SRCJJ, post:7816, topic:125, full:true”]
Sounds exactly like the time he said his future wouldn’t impact our season and then said when it clearly did he said at the end of the season that the speculation had a negative impact on our season.
Again it illustrates his contempt and arrogance.
Does he think supporters just forget all the nonsense he comes out with.

Yet it still keeps happening.

Your right, the squad does need an overhaul, or at least a few changes with some top quality players coming in and the regular under performers leaving.

It’s almost as if in every transfer window, Wenger hasn’t got a clue what he wants.
I was convinced after the debacle of him signing a new contract, Wenger would actually change his transfer strategy and get all the business done before the start of the season, and all he is done is what he always does, which is the bare minimum.

This window is the same shambolic one we see every season, and people still believe he knows what he’s doing.


I’m watching his press conference and the “five or six players going out of contract” have been mentioned by the journalist and not by him. He is used “ideal” as a paradox because said “nothing changes if you have one year remaining or two or three, when you’re in the dressing room you are focused to play”.


The problem is, Sanchez doesn’t want to be in the dressing room.
Not ours anyway.