Arsène Wenger



hmmmm yeah that doesn’t look sustainable…


This is what we bought a great GK.


I think this person epitomises many people, who imo make up a large part of our fanbase, that really only say they support Arsenal because it is a fashionable, trendy club to support.

London, elite, play(ed) good football, had stylish foreign players/manager etc.

I think there more fans of our club, than say Tottenham’s or Man United’s that would say they support Arsenal at a dinner party but not actually pay attention to them at all.

I mean the Royal family supports us. These types would like Wenger to stay for nothing more than he is part of that image they have of the club.If he were replaced, they wouldn’t be quite so proud and eager as to regale Mrs Butterworth of their favourite team at the champagne receptions of the world.*

Not like good old Osama, who saw Arsenal win european glory in 94. :poldi:

I say this because I have come across and known many of these types of people through my football supporting life. And i’m sure you guys do.

There are exceptions. John Bercrow (to an extent), who I love for one.


We need to re-organise the whole football structure at this club. Manager included.


He could smooth line negotiations regarding players Wenger/the club targets. I can’t substantiate that, but I do feel Arsenal can use some more ruthlessness in that department. He can (re-)build our scouting network. That’s not something in which he can cross Wenger too much I feel like. Regarding the infrastructure I think a director can add a lot without frustrating Wenger too much. Unless he’s the control freak we assume Wenger is.

In my opinion that’s also the main task of such a director; optimalisation of the infrastructure of a club and create circumstances for a manager, Wenger or not, too excell in. Exactly what Bayern and Juventus are doing so well.



Gab Marcotti is on ESPN as a football analyst here in the states. He said his contacts within the club feel Wenger will leave if he wins the FA Cup.


I’ve always thought it would be the opposite to be honest. He’ll leave this summer if we don’t win the FA cup and winning it would give him incentive and belief that he can take us forward.

Obviously it’s all speculation and conjecture because ultimately nobody really knows what is going on in his head right now.


Yeah knowing what we know of Wenger @SRCJJ s logic sounds more believable. We know he wants to stay and win trophies, so how would winning a trophy suddenly mean he’s up for leaving?

This is a guy that considers finishing in the top 4 places for 20 seasons one of his big achievements so winning 3 out of 4 FA cups is hardly something to make him start doubting himself.

And even if we finish 5th, if it’s a 75 points kind of 5th then he can consider himself unlucky to not be 4th and we’d have 4 more points than last season.

The only way to convince him to give up on himself is to finish something like 9th and have no cup runs.


Although he won the FA cup twice in recent times and yet it has shown fuck all progress in our league form. A 2nd place in arguably the weakest season for the top clubs with Leicester winning ffs and this season 5th in all likelihood.

He must leave. Win FA cup and leave on a “high”. If his ego allows his brain cells to function he will figure out that’s the best decision for himself and his respect from the fans as well.


I think he’ll invent himself a rationale for staying whether he wins the cup or not tbh, the best leverage to prise him away from the club is sadly to create some discord and weaken his position through a DoF coming in. Something his ego won’t allow him to accept.


“I need to get us back in the Champions League” :wink:


1 year isn’t bad, best thing he can do is keep Ozil, Alexis and cut down the average age of the squad, then the new manager will have a very fresh squad.


I’d prefer a new manager to build his own squad instead of inheriting a bunch of spineless Wengerbois.


Time for a new contract, right? :hipster:


Problem is they play like a house on fire when their back are against the wall, but going into next season will they keep this up, or will it be the same old Arsenal crumble when we need to come alive!


They say good things come in threes.

Beating Jose, Saints away and now Stoke. I can’t see any other conclusion than him signing da ting now.

These results could only be achieved chasing top four though, if we were going for the title we would not have won these games and that’s why he should call it a day.


It’s only 1 year and our squad is very stacked in a lot of positions.


You know Wenger is gonna say we are ready to fight for the title after 5 wins in a row (assuming we beat both Sunderland and Everton) :hipster: