Arsène Wenger


If Wenger wins us the FA Cup i think he should renew.


Absolutely not. He does really need to leave on a high this time.


Shut your pasta hole, Wenger is the man.


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Its from espnfc, so not exactly the most reliable of journos, but this is interesting.

“Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been told he must accept a radical overhaul of his backroom staff and the structure of the club if he wants to remain in charge for another two years, sources close to the club have told ESPN FC.Sources have said that the delay in making a decision on the future of Wenger, who is out of contract in the summer, has been due to an internal move to try and ease the control he has built up over his two decades in charge.”

This seems like a plausible scenario regarding what is currently going on. The board lacks the spine to do what really needs to be done (hire a new manager) but even they surely realize that the status quo is untenable. So insisting on all these changes represents an easy way out for them.

I guess our hope should be that Wenger is so proud and stubborn that he chooses to retire rather than accept a club restructuring.


You’ve said yourself that you want a new manager, which is tantamount to saying he isn’t capable of doing his job to an acceptable degree, so stop being so fucking sanctimonious.


Mind you he says that and a few days later he wants him to stay, then gone…flip flops too much!


I want to see something different and I’m toally in favour to sign Thomas Tuchel (apparently he will leave BVB at the end of the season), but here anyone think to be better than him.


If the criteria for being allowed to criticise Wenger was the you had to be a better manager than him, it would mean there would be no forum.

As far as I and aware, I don’t think any poster that has criticised him on this forum, or any other, has proclaimed to be a better manager than him, they just don’t agree with what he is doing.

Everyone should be allowed to question Wenger, otherwise we would just have a dictator running the club.

Some might say we already have :wink:


This is my best guess as to the situation too. It’s the most plausible, which is why I think excessive criticism of Gazidis by some is actually unjust. I think he’s the one most likely pushing for change but is facing two nearly immovable objects in Wenger and (Stan) Kroenke.

I did use to subscribe to the ‘Gazidis is a Wenger stooge’ theory but the recent course of events has changed that. Gazidis is the next best hope for this club going forward!

I assume therefore he’s pro the director of football model, I’m more against this than for it, but the prime objective remains the same and that is making Wenger’s position untenable so that the man decides ‘himself’ that he wants to leave.



This is a convention organized by the Brazilian Football Federation. Dick Law, Edu Gaspar, Fabio Capello, Tite, Marcelo Bielsa, David Dein.


Yeah, unique because it is basically a dictatorship :hipster:


If anyone fancies a good laugh, The Spectator (of all the publications?!) have delivered. The first line reads: “I had 20 good years supporting Manchester United but now I follow Arsenal, and I find the treatment of the magnificent Arsène Wenger by large sections of my fellow fans mystifying and depressing.” :neutral_face: I’m hoping it’s satire, but I’m really not sure.


That really is one of the worst articles I have ever read about football.

He has a go at supporters for criticising their own club and manager for daring to question what is going on, and then goes on to say why people don’t need to support the same club if a better club comes along.

Someone should explain to him that the supporters are the club, and they are the only thing that remains constant.
Not the players, managers or owners, who in a lot of cases aren’t supporters, just mercenaries or opportunists.

Also, If people invest their time and money going to matches and buying merchandise then, if things aren’t going well, they have every right to complain.

The fact he swapped from Man U to Arsenal tells you everything you need to know about this idiot.


“What I like most about supporting Arsenal is the football. The club win most of their games but never sacrifice style and flair for the deadening pragmatism of results. Wenger wants only to play and to win beautifully, and in an ugly world that is something I find uplifting.”

So not only does this guy totally fail to understand what it means to be a fan, it turns out he either doesn’t watch our matches or he completely lacks the ability to analyse what is happening right in front of him.

What a laughable article haha


How do you even swap clubs, I don’t get it.

Like I can understand a neutral following different clubs, and following some more closely than others in down-periods but… how the hell do you support one team and then switch over to another?

I could never swap Arsenal for Man Utd or Liverpool or Chelsea. I don’t even know how I’d go about it? Like how am I supposed to change my feelings?


If you think about it, the tribal, die hard ‘once your in you can never leave’ aspect of supporting a football club is really odd.

Couldn’t really imagine applying it to any other aspect of life.


Yeah, I don’t get it either. If I knew how to do so I would’ve changed to City. :grimacing:[quote=“Oliver, post:6637, topic:125”]
Couldn’t really imagine applying it to any other aspect of life.

Yeah, it’s really too bad, I find it way too easy to transfer sentiments from one girl to anther, or discard/change friends, or if I could I would easily swap family members. But in football it’s impossible, sadly.