Arsène Wenger


This is precisely the problem. In the contemporary game, it has become too much for one individual to handle all this in general and, in our specific case, there is a growing mountain of evidence that the individual in question is simply incapable of competently handling these responsibilities. To take each of the areas you mention in turn, Wenger has an anachronistic wage policy, our youth system is falling behind that of our competitors the scouting has been mediocre, too many of the incoming players have been flops, and we have had a terrible track record of moving on players who should probably leave the club. What more evidence do you want? Wenger-as-dictator is literally failing on every single count.

The status quo is suicide. The evidence is overwhelming that this is a terrible, terrible way to run the club. We are the last of the dinosaurs (along with United, as mentioned) and, predictably, we’re dying while other clubs are thriving.


Complaints against Arsenal’s scouting team are turning out to be similar the complaints against our medical team ie fans who don’t understand anything about the either department making inaccurate assumptions on the basis of a skewed outsider view highly influenced by sensational media.

You don’t need a DoF for any of this. Ivan Gazidis has alluded to a consistent “footballing vision” multiple times in terms of style of play and youth production and has overseen improvements to our scouting (StatsDNA) and youth system (Hale End Redevelopment)

What you need is strong board members and excellent staff to support the manager.


You don’t need to be an expert to know that as a club, we nearly always have more first team players out for long periods, than any other club.

Are you suggesting that the media have made up the fact we are nearly always top of the injury league?


We could use both really.


Who said that finishing outside the top four could never happen?!

I also don’t think that suggesting that we could finish outside the top four or below Spurs is some sort of astounding prediction tbh


OK, make the case for our scouting department having operated at a high level of success over the last 4-5 years.

Gazidis can allude to a footballing vision all he wants. But can he deliver it? He is a business operations and marketing guy and has no real background in the footballing side of the game, as player, manager, scout, or underling in a football operations shop. If this is your example of somebody on the board doing the work of a DoF, I rest my case.


The medical team don’t injure the players though. Blaming them is incredibly reactive and not at all the root cause of the problem.


“He is a business operations and marketing guy and has no real background in the footballing side of the game”.

Neither do any of us tbh. Yet we all seem to know whats what. I would give Gazidis more credit, unless we have specifics that is.


Interestingly enough it’s rumored that it is Gazidis who wants a Director of Football put in place. If that is really the case than he knows that this part of the footballing side can better be done by someone else.


If anything the divide is between Stan/Wenger and Gazidis.


It was when I said it last season.
There were loads of posters giving me, and a few others, loads of abuse for daring to suggest such a thing could happen.

All I’m saying is, it is more than likely that this isn’t some sort of blip, this is what we have been heading for, and if Wenger stays I can’t see us getting CL football next season either.
This was my opinion not just last season, but this, and I’ve seen nothing to change my mind to suggest it won’t happen again.
If he signs a new contract we are going to fall further behind all our rivals.


No it wasn’t, because Spurs almost finished above us and they really should have done so. That is not the basis for some sort of astounding prediction.

Saying that Spurs could finish above us this season was an entirely reasonable thing to say.


no no no. You were saying shit like, we will never _______ under wenger etc etc

It was the ‘absolute’ that was the issue.


Not for me, or maybe you, but the majority certainly thought it couldn’t happen.

[quote=“Oliver, post:6611, topic:125, full:true”]
no no no. You were saying shit like, we will never _______ under wenger etc etc

It was the ‘absolute’ that was the issue.
[/quote]What, you mean like Wenger will not buy a world class striker.
Yeah, I definitely got that wrong.


Alexis is both world class and a striker (of sorts) :wink:


I’ll give you the first part :grinning:


i know i know. ‘forward’ at best. But still, the trophy thing you know damn well im right on. :smile:

In all honesty, none of us particularly want him anymore. But we cant just write him off like that.


I don’t think a director really solves anything.

As part of a new management structure, sure, why not. But as this kind of hybrid, get them onboard for some kind of transition while Wenger is still here? What’s that going to achieve?

Is the director going to tell Wenger the kind of football we should play? The profile of player we should sign? How money should be spent? Or do they just spend two years coming up with the succession plan? I can only see it causing issues and Wenger’s still going to be fucking up stuff like team selection and tactics.


If Arsène isn’t capable to be a manager, like you are saying, every club who he beaten should sack their managers and trainers.

When I read people with the presumptuous to be better than a long-term football manager, I laugh.


I think Wenger is gonna announce his renewal or not after the F.A. Cup at this point like he did in 2014.