Arsène Wenger


He’s won 13 of 50 ties overall against Manchester United, another second hand stat i’ll borrow from yesterday that doesn’t make impressive reading. Albeit a stat that is skewed somewhat by the Ferguson-era dominance.


How many draws?


That’s a funny stat because I think Wenger had a winning record against Fergie until 2009.


I may go through it on worldfootballnet at work tomorrow if i’m sufficiently unencumbered.

Our Old Trafford record is so risible i can’t imagine Wenger having a positive net result against Ferguson but you could well be right, will see


Dictatorship. Fuck off Wenger


Darth Wenger.


Full control for Arsene, I don’t know why anyone thought anything other than that was possible.


:see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: Why is he making himself look an absolute idiot


He has full control of all aspects of the running of the club, but most importantly, it’s someone else’s fault if things go wrong.

Megalomania and narcissisism in one package.


We tried to sign Kante, Chelsea outbid us on wages


Did you expect something different? The more he stays, the more he becomes a dictator.


This director of football nonsense is so typical of arsenal board. The issue is we need a new manager. Instead of solving that issue head on by bringing in a new manager. We’re going to pretend we’re doing something to solve it which actually does nothing.

“I’m really struggling with this economics exam coming up…
”… Have you tried hiring a chemistry tutor?"


I’m not sure how that makes any sense to be honest with you. Studying for economics and hiring a chemistry tutor would be ridiculous. Bringing in a director of football to improve the football side of things and help a manager (whether it’s Wenger or not) is not ridiculous and goes a long way to helping the club improve its outdated footballing structure.



Horse’s mouth.


Yeah but the point is that where does the buck stop? You need a single point of ultimate accountability… what AW needs is the ability to change and listen and learn and take advice from top football people, so if we brought in somebody under him to help him, I would be in favor of that IF I thought he would listen/learn/change.

The fact that AW doesn’t seem to be held accountable regardless makes the whole situation more farcical. At this point, the “AW can leave when he decides” ethos pervades and bringing in more people to muddle the waters in a completely broken system just seems pointless and wasteful and an exercise in pure frustration.


Wenger is happy to be praised when right but doesn’t fancy being held accountable when the chips are down.

The situation right now is a mess. No one actually knows who is in charge and it appears no one is actually willing to make any decisions. Is anyone quite sure what the board’s intentions are at this moment in time?


Clear public statement from Wenger on the topic of a DOF. Will be interesting to see what will happen within the club if they can’t decide on a solution. This could even be the end of Gazidis which would be a shame.


Or you could hire a new manager and actually solve the issue. A new director of football isnt gonna teach our players how to properly play 343 is he?

Its wallpapering over the cracks then. Whatever analogy you want for not solving the problem.


My hope is that he’s feeling at least some pressure from above, most likely Gazidis (long disputed this one) and perhaps Josh Kroenke, which will at least bear some fruit when he comes to accept his new contract (rather than him dictate terms to the club).

My fear is that the job lot of them have agreed to let Wenger carry on as is for 2+ years, have calculated the bank balance is no longer so heavily influenced by CL football as before and that we can get back into the football elite merely by pursuing the current course we’re on