Arsène Wenger


oh go on, tell us how you really feel!



I’m a broken husk of a man :cry::cry::cry:



(That’ll be lost on people who don’t watch Friends :grin:)


Let’s look on the bright side
There’s fuck all on telly on Thursday nights anyway .


I hate Friends, but even I agree to that!




We could but we won’t. Players will leave and the investment won’t be available due to no CLs. Wenger will stay but at least it will be different from previous years. We will get to play on Thursdays and compete with likes of Stoke for players


Ronald Koeman at Everton would tick a lot of both boxes but his main drawback is political. His owner at Everton Farhad Moshiri is an associate of Alisher Usmanov Arsenal’s second-largest shareholder. Main shareholder Stan Kroenke may not want an ‘Usmanov man’ in charge

Interesting. Would probably be a good move to kick Kroenke out of the club.


There were anti-Kroenke chants last night too, but I think most people are resigned to the futility of trying to oust a man that has visited ‘Emirates Stadium’ about 5 times in a decade



Moshiri sold his shares to Usmanov --> Moshiri appointed Koeman --> Kroenke could refuse to appoint Koeman because he has been appointed by the man who sold his shares to his rival.

I love the fantasy, JK Rowling could be proud of a theory like this.


I guess Kroenke believes we are at the top of the Premier League, knowing how little he follows us :hipster:


All I want from next season really is to give a fuck. :expressionless:


Lot of great posts on here.

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Am I thinking too much into it or is it a little strange the club have only recently started to deny the reports that Wenger has been offered a new deal?

They’ve had plenty of opportunities but the message from Wenger at least has been he’s not decided, now Gazidis says in a Q&A there has been no offer.

(BTW, Tim Payton has been confident for a while that Wenger hadn’t been offered a contract and that he’ll definitely be leaving at the end of the season, almost like someone had told him something (IIRC he did say someone told him).)


Arsenal’s season after last night.

Scary to think Tottenham could officially finish above us when we play them at White Hart Lane at the end of the month as well to put the nail in the coffin.


So the club have changed their mind and are not gonna offer him a new contract?


It’s unclear whether a new contract was ever offered at this stage.


Yeah, the club not making a statement doesn’t help either.


He was right :hipster: